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Yu-Yu Hakusho

Bakuman 1/2/3


Detroit Metal City


Ruruoni Kenshin


Welcome to NHK

Great Teacher Onizuka


Hayate no gotoku

Daily lives of highschool boys

School Rumble

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Hana-Saku Iroha

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ZeonSoldier Apr 12, 2021

Hi, I'm doing fine :)
Sorry I didn't answer you yet, I was a bit tired, I have a daughter now, she's playings with her plushies during the night I don't sleep well since a few weeks é__é

Same for me, work takes most of my time but I try to watch some anime. I have to admit that a lot of anime are pointless or void but there are a few ones who are interesting. Lately I'm way more attracted to video games or board games, I discovered it last year that's really nice :)

If I remember well you were from Ukraine right ?

ZeonSoldier Mar 16, 2021

Hi dude, I don't know if you are still on this site, if you will ever see a notification telling you that I messaged you lol
Do you remember me, we used to talk a lot, I was wondering what happened to you ? What did you become ?

In the case you would see this after a long time and I wouldn't be there to answer you, know that I wish you the best dude :)

ZeonSoldier Nov 14, 2015

Well as long as you are fine with that and if it's better for you then it's a great thing :)

So, once you came back to your country, how was it ? It must be really nostalgic.

Still playing games whille hearing to metal ? Tell me that you read or watch One Punch Man.

ZeonSoldier Oct 19, 2015


I'm still alive, studying to graduate ^^

I'm fine even though I don't have that much of time, but well, I have time to study theology, I just bought a gamecube to play with my brother and I can read One Piece every day, life is great :D

And you, what's up ? Still working in Italia ? :)