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Hidamari Sketch

Oct 2, 2009

Now you may be thinking, but fly_boy42, I've seen hidamari sketch, it's literally about girls sitting around and doing nothing, there's nothing entertaining about that! Well, no, you probably aren't thinking that, you're probably thinking: what the heck is hidamari sketch?! Well it's a show about four girls doing nothing, but it's kinda like watching a dysfunctional effeminate family, with an aunt who needs to grow up. she's an adult now, stop acting like you're a student. Also, Hiro is voiced by yuko goto, also known as the voice of mikuru asahine. Incidentally this is also a very pretty anime, with lovely and soft visuals, only gay men could not like it. It even has two seasons and is getting a third, it's as popular as sayonara zetsubo sensei.

So, yeah, the show is all about Yuno (the character metroidmaster replaced in my video) and her life at a dorm while she goes to an art high school. Her dorm mates are the perma-hungry Miyako (replaced by me) effeminate Hiro (replaced by gendreavus) and tomboyish Sae (replaced by the strafe) These girls often hang out during their down time at talk about trivial things. But the thing is, their antics are heartwarming and fun. The huge lack of plot or goings on is compensated by just how nice it is, Like I said before, it's like watching a family with two daughters and a mother and father. And no, this show has no romance, since there is only one old man, and the rest of the characters are women. Another point of this show is that even though the characters are based off of moe stereotypes, they are much more 3 dimensional than most comedy animes, and they better be, seeing as this anime is centered around them.

It's weaknesses are that it's anime can be confusing because the timeline is random and typical SHAFTiness of cutting corners for the sake of better visuals may confuse people. (in many scenes they replace walking up stairs with vertically moving lines.)

Another problem with it is the fact it is one of the slowest shows I've ever seen, and I spend most of my time watching slow paced anime. The most action packed episode has the dorm exploding and the principal jumping over a gate in one bound. Oddly enough, that was a much more action pact than most of the episodes, SHAFT was just faking us out.

So, yeah, it's not for everyone, but if you like watching nice things, you might want to check it out. If you like action and deep plots.... well, there's always more naruto...

4/10 story
7/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
9/10 overall

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