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4. GA: geijutsuka art design class

If you have seen my profile recently, like right now, you've probably seen at least one second of it. It's all puni-moe and silly. It's also about art. And design. And most of it takes place in a class. So if you aren't already sitting down, sit down and prepare for another show with a long title

Once again we have a show with no plot that just has clips of girls being random (like lucky star) Except where lucky star taught you about the ways of the otaku, GA teaches you art and design, you know, semi useful things. But its not all art humor, they even make a few jabs at fantasy and action shonenes. The characters are slightly more than two dimensional, the shy one, the tomboy, the childish one, the weird one and the normal one. It's a lot like hidamari sketch in the regards of the depth of the characters, except GA is much much faster paced. Among the things you will learn are appropriate coloring, how to take better photos and how to play color tag. Truly life lessons. And maybe if you watch it, you could stop pestering me to draw everything for you.

Art in the anime isn't as good as in the manga, they really brighten the tone and tone down the deep shading the very pretty art the manga had. That's not to say it's bad, it just isn't as great as the manga's.

The music is fine for this sort of off beat affair, being light and silly like the music from Mario and luigi, only it sounds more military for some reason. Not sure why that is.

I haven't seen all of the anime, since ayako sucks, but what I've seen in the manga and the five episodes of the anime I've seen, I love this anime, and cant wait until more of it comes out!

4/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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