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About moi~

Salutations~ Feel free to address me by 'Fluffy-sama', 'Hissy-kun' or just T-chan. 

Fun fact about admin chan: I'm a fully fledged Bio-scientist as of this year.. <<2014>>
My top 10 anime currently are:
(((These are subject to change as I go through more character highs Plus it's really hard to just pick 10 when I have clearly more than 20 favourites >n>'''')))

1. Durarara
2. Tokyo Ghoul
3. Psycho pass
4. Arslan Senki
5. Attack on Titan
6. Gangsta
7. Mononoke
8. Death Note
9. One Punch man
10. Bleach

Likes: HUMANSHUMANSHUMANS, Anime, Manga, Cosplaying, Role playing, Science, Buck Tick,  TM revolution, the GazettE, 3DS or Playstation, coffee, inhaling Turkish delight (not literally >.>), Mikado (the snacks not the chap in DRRR XD), drawing, HALLOWEEN, Days off,  bon bons,  smoked salmon, cookies, SOLITUDE, tea, hot chocolate, sleep,toffee pudding, everything that is fluffy and or furry, noodles, sushi, chocolate fudge cake,soup, programming, experimenting, Tia Maria, snow, frost, ice---...........ETCETERA. 

Dislikes: BUFFERING, Rain, chavs, suicidal internet connections, Animes which should be longer than 12 episodes, Animes with no second season, lack of money to buy all the nice things, HUMANSHUMANSHUMANS, waking up too early, spiders, fav character deaths, ugg(ly) boots, fake tan,chili sauce, the uninformed, waiting for the bus, TIME ITSELF.

I owe a lot to anime and manga--without either I probably would've faded away years ago, so cheers Japan~ Keep up the excellent work, many thanks!

I'm not going to ramble on here--if you want to talk to me, talk~  
I don't bite. 


Favourite quote(s) of the week: 

'Those who recognise their weakness, and then use that weakness as an excuse... I believe such folly is the most unsightly act of all. Such men must be sanctioned'-Prof Moral. 

'The weak can never break out of their own mold. They cry piteously within their cells, while they try to kick down anyone who strives to break free. How can such inequality be allowed to exist? It cannot! The world will surely be reborn if we empower the weak. It'll be a beautiful world. A splendid one! If everyone is capable of crossing the line, the world will advance greatly. Splendid!'-Prof Moral. 

'If you're lucky,you may see some cannibalism and that's always fun''- Uta

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Kizamus Dec 15, 2015

You see, my response was 1 month late... which is strage since I have been on AP more often recently o.O I just never saw your comment :o

Kizamus Dec 15, 2015

Haha :D I wish I could change E-Mail address that I use for AP, it would allow me to respond much sooner to people and would keep me active too :P I have a job now, and its even worse than University D: I have waaaaaaaay less time now than I did before.. And yea... Assignments and stuff, thats understandable xD Do your best :D Wishing you all the best too *Hugs*

Xivos Nov 19, 2015

Aww, gomen! *hug*

Haha I just finished the longest assignment of my life just yesterday. been doing it for like 5 days straight, never researched so much in my life! Haha you secret is safe with me and everyone else who happens to see your message on my profile xD 

One Punch is just amazing I look forward to watching it ever sunday. See normally I wouldn't like it but thanks to Sket Dance and Gintama I'm used to that kind of comedy plus the animation is insanely good! 

Xivos Nov 16, 2015


It has been a while! It's good to hear from you again! :D

Yeah I'm pretty good, been watching more anime lately but college assignments are doing my head in xD

Metrowy Nov 16, 2015

Hi ^_^

Thanks for comment.

Like you said I watched tonnes of anime :C but I don't think it's something to impress >.>

I'm watching anime for 8 years and it's nothing amazing. You will be in my place someday :D

Sorry for my bad english :C