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Caught in the Act

Jan 17, 2022

it truly is a very standard sort of plot revolving around actors, but unlike the other review, i have to say that this wasn't too intriguing. the points that could've drawn me in didn't, and also ive grown a bit irked by a certain feature in the art. idk why but there is always eye wrinkles on the male lead, and its like the old person eye wrinkle things, and like given the characters and what we know about them im pretty sure the male lead is significantly older and acts as a "senpai" figure for the mc, so now i really feel like its strange and uncomfortable for them to be in a relationship. hes a mentor, and his hair looks gray depending on the shading. im sorry i cannot unsee this, its tiny but constantly reminding me every panel he's in so its a dealbreaker overall. otherwise, the art is nice, the plot is pretty average but realistic, i just think its not my cup of tea.

SPOILER: kay so i returned and read past ch 20 ish till 40, and its really a complex mess, asher is feeling all sorts of clingy and overwhelming emotions that make me a bit disappointed on how attached hes become with remmington, and remmington is here still pretty stoic with little hints here and there but overall not much chemistry happening. idk how to describe it its like limited and lucky compatability; and remmington is married but not, and its just mad confusing and hard to navigate and think through..maybe its just an overload of angst or sumn

Another SPOILER edit: i continued reading cuz man i read so far already why drop it now, and thank god after they beocme a couple after, its so much more smooth riding now. yet now i know their age difference which is like 13-14 years, so idk id still have a bit of caution. rn their navigating their relationship clearly, so thats why i am upping the final score.

7/10 story
8/10 art
8/10 characters
7.3/10 overall
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