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Start with the postives, the art is decent and works for the setting. It doesn't try too hard to be edgy or "horror" looking like many other try to do and fail. The characters per chapter are passable, since it's a pretty episodic right now (And I assume it will stay that way until some arc or when it gets axed) they work for the short stories they're apart of.

Now the negatives, The story itself is that there isn't one. The main lead doesn't have any character to himself, he's just "Cop that is Serial killer" and nothing else. We rarely ever see his office life or day to day life outside of bits that are more toward comedic effects or for story dumps when we need to know why Person of the day needs to be killed. Another problem is all of his kills are based around a single movie, and the story has already repeated the same death methods a couple times now just in different ways. 

Wish we had more character building, and had the ML's motivations for doing all of this (Since he kills people that were already going to be going to prison, so clearly it's not to punish those who got away with a crime or anything). But maybe I am just expecting too much for this kind of story. If you like episodic mangas with no story and just like seeing people get murdered, hope you enjoy reading it but it's not for me. Cheers

2/10 story
8/10 art
4/10 characters
6/10 overall

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