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Lezhin Title Recs

1 A Compendium of Ghosts

A Compendium of Ghosts

Interest collectio fo related short stories; I recommend reading them  between other things

2 A Country of Maestri

A Country of Maestri

CW: Gore

Abount immortal artists with magic powers

3 Appetite


Zombie romp!

4 A Shoulder to Cry On

A Shoulder to Cry On

enemies to friends

5 At the End of the Road

At the End of the Road

CW: sexual assault

6 Base to Base

Base to Base

baseball lads <3

7 Blood Strangers

Blood Strangers

CW: gore

Vampires and drama

8 Blooming Sequence

Blooming Sequence

cute story about lesbians coming into their own and coming to grips with their past trauma CW: some domestic violence/shitty parenting

9 Blunder Turned Wonder

Blunder Turned Wonder

genuinely funny and sweet

10 Can't Take My Eyes Off You!

Can't Take My Eyes Off You!

Fluffy and cute

11 Dark Heaven

Dark Heaven

CW: hate crimes

This one is rated R, but it is about an alternate universe and explores racisms, homophobia and exploitation

12 Digitalis


Kinda spooky and interesting

13 Doridosim


This one is cute!

14 Dream Away

Dream Away

Phrophetic dreams and a cute relationship

15 Ellin's Solhwa

Ellin's Solhwa

16 Escape, Ray

Escape, Ray

17 Fall For Me

Fall For Me

18 False Memories (Gpiee LEE)

False Memories (Gpiee LEE)

CW: domestic abuse

This one has the scary on the outside, cute on the inside trope I love

19 Gilgamesh (Hwan Daeng)

Gilgamesh (Hwan Daeng)

Really cool action story in an interesting fantasy setting

20 Heesu in Class 2

Heesu in Class 2

Sweet and cute romance

21 Hotel Phryne

Hotel Phryne

dramatic and philosophical

22 How to Hate Mate

How to Hate Mate

about complicated relatioships, kinda sad

23 How to Use an Angel

How to Use an Angel

24 Immortal Days

Immortal Days

CW: gore

I love this one a lot, the characters are complex and the setting is cool

25 Jazz for Two

Jazz for Two

CW: suicide

This one is like Given

26 King's Maker

King's Maker

CW: offscreen paedophelia

beautiful art, intense story of court intrigue

27 Let's Go, ASMR!

Let's Go, ASMR!

Light and cute, and about an ASMR youtube channel

28 Look at Me

Look at Me

Untangling fatphobia, homophbia, and complex friendships

29 Lovely Death

Lovely Death

CW: suicide

interestign examinatio of persioa relatioships to death

30 Lucid Dream

Lucid Dream

short and neat

31 My Pet Bat

My Pet Bat

CW: suicide, domestic abuse

hurt/comfort up the wazoo

32 My Roommate is a Cat

My Roommate is a Cat

just really cute

33 My Starry Sky

My Starry Sky

CW: domestic abuse

kind of intense, pretty

34 My Student Can't Be a Psychopath

My Student Can't Be a Psychopath

Very funny, not problemtic

35 Nora Swipes Right

Nora Swipes Right

Sex positivity!

36 On My Own

On My Own

Gentle and sweet!

37 Ordinary Men

Ordinary Men

Set in a world where queer relatioships are mundane, and that's refreshing

38 Pandora's Choice

Pandora's Choice

Exploratio of racism and cultural hangups of 18th century new england

39 Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost

Pretty melodramatic

40 Personal Immorality

Personal Immorality

41 Prince Cinderella

Prince Cinderella

almost trans rep

42 Puss in Suit, Pup in Tie

Puss in Suit, Pup in Tie

43 Roommate 101

Roommate 101

this one is about friendship and coming of age

44 Save Me

Save Me

theres some fucked up bullying in this one

45 Secret Alliance

Secret Alliance

This one is about a stalker

46 Sexless


a gay couple goes to couple's therapy

47 Sora & Haena

Sora & Haena

48 Star x Fanboy

Star x Fanboy

extremely soft and cute

49 Teach Me!

Teach Me!

Slow burn for figuring out feelings CW: homophobia, self-harm

50 Tell Me You Love Me (Hahae)

Tell Me You Love Me (Hahae)


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