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Me? A person you will probably never meet =] INTJ (that even when cheats a bit on answers gets INTJ result).

Fun fact: I don't watch tv, since 1999.

Did anime change me? Yes. Now I can't stand poor movie/game plots. My attention span got shorter. I'm not into simple storylines. Most games now bore me. I'm more wary to things I was not noticing/cared for earlier: about food, culture or human relations.

My first anime? Tanoshii Moomin Ikka. I'm old.

My first manga? Berserk

Most favourite character? Elias AINSWORTH

RPG class of choice: Healer

Favourite genre: Dark fantasy

My kind of:

Princess: Faputa, Maid: Silky, Healer: Karla, Airhead: Inosuke, Comic relief: Gobta, Teacher: Rose, Boss: Cercer, Catgirl: Izutsumi

My rating:

4,5 to 5  = V.Good to Epic. It has that special "something".

4           = I still have some good memories about those, and I like to return to few scenes.

3,5        = For me those don't have anything to come back to, although it was worth the time spent.

3           = Average, sometimes boring. Start of the drop zone.

below 3  = The drop zone. I value my time. Don't care about those. Not my thing. I won't rate dropouts.

Why then did I watch those time consuming series that I have rated at less than 3? I lost a bet. Few times. Fun times.

Ps. I'm really annoyed by high magic (power) settings, and chuunibyou fuel, so my rating may be biased in that way.

Please note, that my taste may be waaay different than yours. I watch/read for fun, I hope you too.

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AquamarineGem Dec 25, 2023

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

cosmia Feb 8, 2023

ahhh okay, i was definitely cofusing it for The Walking Dead lol
that's wild i never thought of watching 2 anime/2 episodes at the same time!!
"I didn't want to waste my time so much for a lost bet."
idk why this sounds really funny but kudos for going through with the bet anyway xdd

i can relate to fast forwarding tho; actually, i tend to watch anime on x2 speed majority of the time LOOOOOOL
it's only when i reeeeaalllyyy want to savor the scene/an important scene happens that i then slow down. but aside from that i don't often watch anime on normal speed
(and also when i'm starting a new anime; i give it a few minutes of normal speed lol)

sometimes i wonder if it's a bad thing that i don't watch on normal speed.
but knowing that you've watched 2 anime at the same time makes me feel better (not in a bad way, it just reminds me that there's more than one way to enjoy anime LOL)

i'm curious to see what ends up staying on your list by the end of the season! happy watching, cheers!!

cosmia Feb 1, 2023

37!?!? the highest i ever went was 18 at once and the struggle was REAL, i give you major props for being able to to handle it + for being able to watch during work lol xd

LOOOOOL i don't blame you, i was like that with Warehouse 13 (althought at the time instead of the show taking over anime, it took over my school work lol)
Also for some reason I thought The Last of Us was finished? o.o I've never actually seen it tho so my info about it could be completely warped lol

Kaeseolin Jan 29, 2023

Hello, you're welcome and I'm sorry it took me so long to reply. That's good to know, but I'm having a great week too.

Oh yeah, I did spend much time with family. Also, my mother had some work to do. I love hearing about all the trials and stuff they go through and hearing about their passions. Talking and listening is why I like the holidays.