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A Silent Voice

Jan 6, 2019

I cannot express my love for this series enough. Even though I have only read it once within the past few recent hours, it broke me. Of course, in the best way possible. It was heartwarming, and held a beautiful life lesson that was portrayed with relatable characters and scenarios the reader could connect with. This series deserves all my praise. Also, while I have never met a deaf person, nor am I a deaf person, and therefore cannot say for sure, I feel like the series did an excellent job of portraying a deaf character and the struggles that come with. All characters were built on excellently, the story was built up in a sensible way with little to no flaws, and - best of all - it all came with a very important lesson. However, the lesson is taught better if you read the series, so I won't tell you it. And besides, the lesson better left unsaid, as words wouldn't do it justice. I thoroughly enjoyed the series and the journey it brought me on. I can't wait to watch the movie and possibly read the manga again. This should definitely be considered a must-read/classic for manga. Even if one isn't a fan of manga/anime, I would still HIGHLY recommend this tear-jerking, emotionally moving series. I also love the plotline and the character relationships. The art was phenomenal and undistracting - unlike with most manga I read - and was detailed just enough. The characters acted in a very 6-dimensional way, making them very realistic. The plot itself is something that - although very unlikely - could totally happen, and had many relatable moments that brought back memories for me. This series made me sob, and it reminded me of regretful decisions and best of all; it made me think about my current self. And by the end, I was questioning my future and what it holds. I normally stay away from emotional things, but I loved this series. 10/10. If you read though, just make sure to have tissues!! Lots of tissues. 

10/10 story
10/10 art
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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