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truelife81 May 22, 2022

lol, this happens in real life, Idont see why you annoyed by this ppart of the story. She got swept in a moment like mot women do. They date to change a guy, but als  attracted to what theey want to change. The last thing is if you making this part of the story into some cliche this i the first  story i came across that had this situation. They always dealing with young girl with teacher, I appreciate them showing women damaginga male for once. Clichéthat happens a lots in Manga and Manhwa is the emale character has this huge reason to cheat, guy cheated first, guy is an ass to her feelings and is an all around abusive person. I get it though ladies mostly read love stories and romace novels and they assme guys do not so they feed the women's  needs and its one sided, but this unique manga I love how it targets men pain as Ive been in this kids shoes. Blood on The Tracks is another awesome read.

Interest Feb 26, 2022

I saw ur comment on Shigaraki, and I can totally agree that he has the most fucked up backstory ever compared to other villains in MHA. T-T

ur profile seems cool so ima follow u 

ihateuall34 Feb 14, 2022

You saying Kokichi is a badly written character is the funniest thing I ever heard. He maybe morally bad but not badly written at all. He is so full of interpretation and backstory doesn't make a good character. 

Something you have to remember about Kokichi (and to a lesser extent, nagito) is that the only real reason he acts the way he does is explicitly because of the killing game scenario. We know from his last words in chapter 5 and his motive video that he hates killing and is against the killing game. Despite this, he had to survive, resulting in him weaponizing his nature as a liar. At least in my mind, Kokichi did all of this in preparation for his big moment in chapter 5. By building a reputation as a liar, he would be able to properly synthesize the unsolvable murder. It's kind of similar to what Nagito did in 2-5. Both of them took advantage of elements of themselves (Nagito's luck and Kokichi's lies) in order to enhance their final plan.

As for him having to sympathy for the rest of the group, I'd say that can be left up to interpretation. He did sacrifice himself for the sake of ending the killing game, but that method doesn't necessarily lead to everyone surviving.

OsumarefromMAL Feb 7, 2022

I agree with what you said about Kokichi, I don't hate him but he's very overrated and a lot of the stans for him are very weird and borderline are as toxic as he is.