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Hello and welcome to my profile~ 

Here are only some of my favourite animes, and things about me! 

I love anime, music, and reading/watching genres of: dark themes, fantasy and romance. I also love food, cooking, strong coffee and travelling. I have a terrible memeory, dislike the damsel in distress stereotype in anime, I can count all the movies I've watched on my hands and feet (since I struggle watching them), I hate maths, and I dislike when things arent planned and being late. Oh, I am also an INFJ, and love the rain. Have a great day. 


~Good vibes only~






Some other favourites: Attack on Titan, Heavenly Delusion, Moriarty the Patriot, Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun, Banana Fish, Noragami, Fate series, Psycho Pass


 and more, all of my ratings are only based off personal enjoyment! :)



















Feel free to leave a comment and i always follow/unfollow back!

Have a great day.

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WarioFan Feb 13, 2024

Thanks for the advice girl. Something I have done even though I have work on Tuesdays and Thursdays in early mornings but I work 3 hours so that's plenty of time for me to get paid. Ooh I bet you had a fun time going to Japan. I really want to go as I said because they have cute cafes and other tasty foods. Also I would also learn about the gyaru subculture.

glad we really love made in abyss. The show is a absolute masterpiece. The world building and characters are just spot on. Who's your favorite character? Mine is nanachi. 

my pfp is sephiroth from final fantasty.

WarioFan Feb 8, 2024

Sorry for the late reply.

OMG YOU WENT TO JAPAN? Please tell me about it. How was your trip in passionate to hear about it.i wish i went to Japan because i wanna see Japanese culture and plus not to mention one of my favorite YouTubers lives there. Its emirichu. Her taste in anime is just as great as yours. 

as for my favorite animes? Mine are In no order. Fairy Tail, Made In Abyss, FullMetal alchemist brotherhood, Madoka magica, no game no life, code geass, soul eater, death note, evangelion and teasing master takagi San.

for anime I'm currently watching, let me tell you I took a long hiatus of watching anime but I actually want to get into this anime called don't bully me miss nagatoro. 

Plus as a bonus response very nice Miwako PFP

WarioFan Feb 5, 2024

Hey what's up? Thanks for the follow.

2 questions.

1. how's your day?

2. is there current anime you're watching? It doesn't have to be seasonal but it can be something you got into for the sake of being invested

moonskies Jan 18, 2024

Same! One of the reasons I love Ai Yazawa's works so much is all of the fashion that she puts to all of her manga.
I think Vivienne Westwood owes Aiazawa for a lot of the recognation the brand got because I didn't know what it was before too haha.

Omg if you ever upload the outfits to pinterest or anywhere else I'd love to see them!

Ahh I don't like Junko either. she is a terrible friend to blame Hachi for shouji cheating. like wtf does that. lol

And omg I just binged watch the second and third season of fruits basket (watched the first one a long time ago and just stalled the rest) and I cried so hard at the end this was the most beautiful thing I've ever watched ;-; It's probably my favorite anime now.

Who's your favorite character of it? Did you watch all of the seasons? If so who's your favorite couple?
Sorry for all the questions, I'm just so happy to talk to someone about fruits basket right now xD

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