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Hello fellow weeb(s), and welcome to my profile. 

I hope you find at least one interesting thing here, maybe. But for bio's which I'm not very good at im
just an avearge person who watches too much anime [but is there such thing as too much anime?] and loves lazy days (especially if it's rainy) or to pick up a book now and again. 

I'll watch pretty much any genre of anime and don't have many preferences of genre or how long the anime is, though I have a love for the fantasy genre the new world and ways facsinating me. As well as a love for horror/thriller and psychological. 



Some Favourites 






As for manga, I've been trying to get into reading it more, maybe failing a bit with more on my want to read list and the possibility of never getting through them all. But here are some of my favourite mangas!   










 Have a good day, and feel free to leave a comment anytime! 

May not have time to reply to comments through the week but will try on weekends!



I always follow back!

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10JQKA Apr 9, 2021

That sounds cool, you gotta tell me all about it when you get back. I hope you had a good time!! 

D4RKS3NS3I Apr 9, 2021



I shall spare you dw. Here, drink this potion that will make you regenerate your elbows. Definetly don't plan to make you a farm for elbows

Oh well, I tend to call people by some random names so huh... YEAH FUCK OFF NAZI SATAN WITCH

And I'm sorry, but I had a stroke trying to read your last two sentences sad. Maybe because I'm too lazy to actually read them, who knows? uwu. Or was it OwO? Or owo? OR OWO? OR UwU? OR UWU? OR O///W///O? OR O///w///O???? AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhh PLE SHGHIAUHFUHA

Mentallysighing Apr 7, 2021

I've been alright, hbu?

Imo I found Alice in Borderland and Perfect Blue to be good. What about you, have you seen anything good?

Ah ofc he would be from Jujutsu Kaisen it seems to have lots of cool characters. I really need to watch/read it

Mentallysighing Apr 6, 2021

Hi hi

Long time no chat, just saw your profile pic and I'm very curious as to where it from?

Have a good day(:

10JQKA Apr 4, 2021

Don't worry, I've also been quite busy these last days. Glad to hear you're on vacations now, hope you enjoy them!!

Speaking of keychains, I wanted to get the Sayori keychain a while back but the shipping would cost more than the product itself, so I gave up hahah. I also remember seeing a hoodie last year that had the sage of the six paths symbols, which was the exact lowkey merch I wanted, but I never found it again unfortunately. What's your favourite anime merch of all the ones you have?

I already watched the whole show in fact and I love the whole cast. I guess my ex was indeed right haha, I do behave very similarly to Nifuji in person and have a borderline addiction to videogames, even though recently I've been too busy to invest much time in videogames. Ohhh, that's good to know since Hanako not only looks like older Sakura Kono (appearance wise) but also has an interesting personality altogether, she's definitely best girl and waifu material. Btw, should I also assume you're addicted to yaoi based on that information? Hahahaha

I also saw you started watching Koikimo. What are your thoughts on it so far? Apaart from the age gap that I persoanlly find weird it seemed to have a lot of potential to be a good wholesome romance with a tsundere and a yandere (assuming Ryo is an yandere out of pure spite from the lack of yanderes in animes and mangas and because he slight ressambles one hahaha).

Yuta is an ass, indeed. I won't spoil anything to you, so go ahead and indulge in it hahah. It's the most wholesome romance anime I've seen in a long while.

Ikr, Sasha was my favourite girl from AoT since she first appeared munching on that potato hahaha. Ugh, the only thing I'm mad about AoT atm is the fact they decided to stop for a year... 

MHA is creating some villain like heroes pretty well though. I honestly cannot imagine neither Bakugou nor Todoroki being heroes in the future. Everything they do is so villain like, even though they're literaly in a hero's academia lmao. I'm pretty excited to meet more of the actual villains since people say they're the best part of the show. The one's that popped up so far weren't explored enough yet.

Hahahaha, it isn't hard to see, but tbh, my type being short hair, slightly introverted and glasses wearing girls weren't very hard to pick up neither hahaha. Oh, if you wanna play the game again and get your fellings completely crushed play the mod "Doki Doki Rainclouds". It's Sayori's POV from the beginning of the game until the unfortunate ending of Act 1. In 2020 there were only 2 things that made me tear up: Sayori's mod and onions, so it has my approval seal hahaha. 

Tbh, completely stalled hahaha. I do plan to read more as soon as I get some bigger vacations, which may be very soon hopefully!!

I'm literally just vibing, don't worry haha. Feel free to jump on the vibe train too next time lol. Oh, I didn't even know it was similar to a boy's name, I liked it because the way it's pronouced sounds like a gentle breeze blowing and I thought that was so poetic I immediately liked the name :)