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SpanglishJC Jan 4, 2016

Hello! We started the marathon, just wondering if you were still in.

Licca Dec 10, 2015

Well one of the best osu player player with mouse but atleast he presses the button with the keyboard,

try it out ingame using Y , X or what its on your keyboard you should take alook in the options

I guesss its hard at first but when you got used to it its better I can even tell why

Licca Dec 9, 2015

Yes thats the trick just playing is the best way to learn the game !

Yeah its hard with mouse you should get yourself an Graphic tablet

I got the Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch (3. Generation) - Grafiktablett mit Stift & Multitouch

Its much easyer with it and how do oyu press the circles? do you use the mouse or the keyboard?

Licca Dec 8, 2015

Heeey there its me ReZero the owner of the Osu!club

how are you doing? :) your in the club btw!

Sianeka Apr 9, 2015

Hi and welcome to a-p!!  Hope you have fun here. ^_^