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XMrNiceguyX Sep 7, 2016

Hey erratictransperency!



You have expressed interest in this month's DAMC marathon, but we have yet to see you appear in the forums or in the chat. This post is to remind you that there is 24 hours left to begin the marathon or face disqualification. The post which indicates the start of the marathon can be found HERE.



We hope to see you show up, or if not, thanks for expressing interest and perhaps see you next time.

XMrNiceguyX Aug 31, 2016

Hello DAMC participant!


I would like to tell you that there is about one day left before the fourth anime’thon will start. You have shown interest through either the chat, site or forums and would like to point your attention to the DAMC forumpost giving you the details and the rules of this marathon. This marathon will last for 31 days (from Sep 1st, 2016 until Oct 1st, 2016) with a new show revealed every day on the DAMC schedule. This site has a nifty countdown timer which will tell you exactly when the next show will be up. The time of reveal will be 12.00 GMT every day.


Out of these rules, there are some important rules we like to emphasize in this message. The first and main rule is that you have to keep up (no more than 7 days lagging behind) in order to qualify for making suggestions for the future and for you to achieve success in this anime challenge. Secondly is that you have to somehow communicate your rating in either the AP-Marathon chat, a profile comment to one of the organizers or a post in the aforementioned thread. This needs to be done within the 7 days lagging behind period.


We have 31 shows ready for you with user and organizer suggestions all the way through. Like previous anime marathons, we will organize groupwatches in the IRC chat mentioned above and our discord channel (ask any of the organizers for an invite to our discord channel). These groupwatches are completely optional. Let’s watch some shows you would otherwise never watch!


New changes in Marathon 4

  • Starting from this marathon onward, we will have a fourth organizer to keep things going smoothly. The new addition to the team is Nicknames, who you can contact with any questions, comments, feedback or rating submissions.
  • \r\n
  • The googledocs sheet was getting too huge and has basically broken down. As a result, we have optimized and integrated the stats into the site. This is still a work in process, so it might be updated further as we progress through the month.
  • \r\n

Hope to have given you the basics this way.


Have fun!


The DAMC team (SpanglishJC / ChalamiuS / Nicknames / XMrNiceguyX)

SpanglishJC Mar 1, 2016

Hi erratic, been a while since we last saw you but we are having another marathon this month and you are of course welcome to participate if you would like to. Today's optional group watch is at 10PM GMT if you want to join that too.

SpanglishJC Jan 9, 2016

Quick you have 90 minutes to watch Rescue me!

lindapearl Jan 7, 2016

Thank you for the follow