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I Bid You Adieu

Jan 10, 2022

Giving it an unusual high rating because of one main reason: THE FEMALE PROTAGONIST!!

Character (FL): Finally, finally! I found a transmigrated protagonist who actually outright rejects love interests' advances. In some manhwas, there are similar headstrong protagonist who actually just choose one love interest for the sake of survival (ex. Villains are destined to die) but they usually still end up getting swept up by the plot and the love interests' will even if they hate it. But I love how this FL tries (as best as she can) to take control of her situation no matter what. She speaks her mind, is purposefully cruel to the love interests so they break up with her, BUT STILL is a decent human being and protects the characters in her mind and subtle actions (like her lecturing the heroine to stand up for herself against villains like her, and sympathizing with the love interests' circumstances). People might find her a bit foolish, and not thinking her actions through enough but tbh if I imagine myself transmigrated to someone who's destined to die, I'll probably panic like she did and make a lot of mistakes trying to prevent bad things from happening. AND I LOVE LOVE LOVE how she's sensitive to other people's feelings. Like some FLs are just dense af, but Aine totally knows how her actions are being perceived by everyone. She knows when the characters are obssessing more over her, and makes the best decision she can over that.

Art: Okay, it's not the prettiest manhwa. Especially in the earlier chapters, I feel like a lot of panels are drawn in a rush, because my god the eyes and mouths are just all over the place sometimes. But it actually got better slowly. By chapter 50--70ish, it's actually decent enough that it won't distract you so much anymore. 

Story: It's a bunch of cliches mashed together, BUT I love how it's trying to do it's own thing and it's pacing naturally. There's 3 love interests, and I was so sure that one of them is the ML but surprise he isn't! And I love that! Also the relationship between Aine and the heroine is just right. Not enemies, not overly friendly, just the right mix between both because heroine is in love with Aine's fiancee and Aine understands that they aren't meant to get along anyway. So I love how the author puts them in a risque situation by Aine sacrificing herself for the heroine but also Aine reminding the heroine that she's (Aine) a supposedly cruel person so she doesn't get too close.

Overall, I'm really REALLYYY liking this manhwa. I think you should give it a try if you want a good cliche story done right.

8/10 story
3/10 art
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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