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Colored READS* to Read pt2

*This includes manga, manhua, manhwa; the term READS is used to not bundle them together as 'manga'; T/N: I've read many other colored READS, but this is only limited to recent READS; Last updated: July 08, 2019
1 Principles of Heavens

Principles of Heavens


  • Lengthy
  • Detailed explanations of the Cultivations 
  • Good pacing
  • Good character development regarding MC and friends
  • Really good art (a bit sketchy in the beginning but gets a lot better)


  • Foes tend to not be as developed as the MC party, it'd be cool if they show more of their background/drive
  • Skips certain parts covered in the LN that the author considered 'meaningless'*
  • There is a lot of information that one has to take in which may become intimidating (to me, I like it because it produces a lot of details, though I tend to skim over a lot of information that nonimportant characters produce while only reading stuff out of MCs)

* To the individual, this may come as a con or pro, depends on the personT/N: I've heard really good things about the LN, if you're looking into maybe reading a xianxia novel then this one is good

2 Chronicles of Heavenly Demon

Chronicles of Heavenly Demon


  • I can't say what I like about it but it just draws the reader into the manhwa 
  • Its a korean cultivation-genre
  • Based on LN 


  • Caught up to raws so updates will be weekly*

*One may want to stall on this one just so that in the future they'll be able to binge read a lot of it :)

3 Peerless Dad

Peerless Dad


  • The story is about a strong single Dad that cares for his children
  • Very likable MC
  • Adventure 
  • Doesn't focus too much on cultivating (may be a pro or con depending on the individual)


  •  The story may be a little predictable ?
4 Hooky



  • Cute
  • Story is about two witches who are siblings and that are traveling the world as they escape from their evil family who wishes to exploit them for evil deeds ~~~~
  • Top-notch character development


  •  none dawg, its cute
5 The Lady and Her Butler

The Lady and Her Butler

Read it :)

6 Doridosim



  • Cute romance 
  • Season 1 complete


  •  They introduce unnecessary antagonists that kinda ruin it for me in later chapters*

*I find it dumb when they have something working but they force new characters into the story since the author can't come up with anything else :/

7 You At First Sight

You At First Sight


  • VERYYY Cute
  • Likable MCs (very very very)
  • Unique plot that I have only seen like a couple times before but this manhwa executes it WAYYY better than any other


  • None dawg, read this sh*t 100%
8 You At First Sight - Part 2

You At First Sight - Part 2

pt 2 of cuteness :D


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