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HKBattosai Jul 8, 2019

enzer said..."Hello KHBottosai,

       It is nice to meet you too! Currently, I've been trying to catch up on the DC comic book shows so I've been slacking in the anime department."

Hi again! I am only a light comic book reader, but am quite into the actual history and evolution of many characters/groups. I tend to prefer Marvel but my favorite character is by far Superman. I know that's very common/typical, but I have been a fan since I was very young. I can thank Christopher Reeve and the 1940's Max Fleischer cartoons for that.

"This site is my favorite of all the anime-oriented sites I've been to."

Without a doubt it's my favorite one as well. ANN is decent for information (and reviews) too.

"As someone who watches a lot of English dubbed anime I can't always find the information I want here, but that's the only area I go off-site for. I did notice, while seeing if the site's been updated to reflect other-language dubs, that characters have English voice actors too! I don't remember seeing that before!"

I'm not particular, but I do indeed enjoy a quality English dub. I just got done seeing Skip Beat! with someone else and we both agree that it is one of the best dubs we've ever seen. Plus, since I'm a database moderator I can definitely say that we've been trying to update past anime with missing VA's, both English and Japanese ones.

"I'm always excited to see the site grow and evolve over time. Thank you for being a part of bringing it to be what it is today, and what it will be in the future!"

I agree with this site's evolution, even though I've only been here for a little over two years. I used to be a frequent guest visitor long before ever joining officially. And it's our pleasure to keep making A-P an awesome place and the best one to visit now and into the future!

Thank you kindly for reading and responding to my previous post. I enjoy the conversation with other users who are like you and clearly care about here! Please feel free to chat any time with me. It's been a pleasure! Take care and until next time.


HKBattosai Jun 28, 2019

Hi enzer! It's nice to meet you. I just want to let you know I came across your profile and think it's great that you've been an active member on anime-planet for so long! ^_^

NY huh? Awesome!