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Demon Lord, Retry!

Sep 11, 2019

I initially avoided this one due to perceiving it as just another generic harem. Boy, was I wrong. The relationship between Hakuto and Aku is wholesome. Like a father and daughter. And while there are quite of bit of bath scenes, the figures of the characters are unexpectedly not emphasized. Pretty much every instance of sexualization is done to comedic effect. This was actually my entire reason for writing this review. I wouldn't want anyone to miss this gem because of false impressions.

The story is nothing new. A guy gets pulled into a game that he's used to playing and due to his previous experience, his power is that of a tornado to a hair dryer. The animation was obviously produced on a budget. Most of the attacks are lame and seem to be thought up on the spot. The music is pretty good. The main theme is metal, which is always a plus for me, and there's even a tune that's reminiscent of the 8-bit/16-bit console era. The real appeal here is character design. With almost every character that's introduced, I start to think of how they're going to interact with other side characters. Unfortunately, 9 episodes in and I haven't seen much of that potential realized. Definitely gonna have a look at the manga.

4/10 story
4/10 animation
8/10 sound
10/10 characters
8/10 overall

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