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Overall, I really liked this anime. I haven't watched too many isekais so I really enjoyed watching a different type of anime. Although, I was hoping for a bit more romance in the plot. I know that this series doesn't focus on romance but it had my hopes up because Raphtalia loved Naofumi. I knew they would eventually show some romance but I just wish it was a bit more. I probably sound really picky but this is just my personal taste. I could go more into detail about the whole romance thing but right now I will move into the story plot. The overall plot was good but, it kinda is a clasic plot if you think about it. The protagonist being hated for crimes they didnt commit, meeting trustfull friends to get them through it, and the antagonists being caught and everything being all good. Don't get me wrong, I loved the plot and how they added so many interesting things to make it feel different from other plots, and trust I knoe it is very hard to come up with an orignal plot so I am glad that the creators made it how it was. And also, this is me being picky again but, I tend to watch animes that have good art styles or just interest me in general, again this is my personal taste, not only did this anime interest me in the art style but I also was very interested in this anime to begin with. Just from watching the ads I became quickly obsessed with watching this series as soon as I get the chance to. And look at me, finishing it in three days ^^;. I also enjoyed the opening and ending music, as well with the their animation. The animation in the endings were different from the actual anime so it made me feel a bit relaxed because it seemed softer and used less animation to make it look good, you could say its simple yet awesome. I know this is getting a bit long so I will wrap it up here, I overall give this anime a 9/10 and in stars it would be a 4/5? idk- but anyways, this series allowed me to take a good break from all the drama thats happening in another anime I'm watching, and I am so excited for a season two! and possibly three. welp- feel free to give me critiq because I know everyone has different opinions, just don't be rude ab it :3

8/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
8/10 characters
9/10 overall
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