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just call me eeziah...


Shortly, I love drawing and making comics :D
Points about me:
-I am a muslim
-I am a highschool student
-I live in Cairo
-my favourite subject is maths and English..
-Everybody calls me a tomboy -_-
-I'm tall..
-I forget fast :S
-Shortsighted girl @[email protected]
-wear glasses
-I don't like speaking very much
-heavy listener
-I love men dancing
-hate geeks
-I don't like make up
-I love my family and friends
-little comic maker
-drawing maddy >_<
-anime fan
-crazy about shipping cartoon characters
-can't stop drawing
-I learned drawing from watching lot's of cartoons
-A girl who act like a stupid child
-I was trapped about this deviant art and cannot change my name X(
-I love everybody!!!! <3 <3

oh and i love food ^_^

list of my profiles, blogs and blaahh:





enjoy everything!!

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I adore these characters


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Jawesome Feb 17, 2014

Aww how adorable, of course I'll be your friend! *Pats head* Well, welcome to      Anime-Planet I hope you enjoy your stay here. Be sure to recommend me stuff when you watch something great, I'm always looking.



Jawesome Feb 16, 2014

Hey you added me as a friend-- good choice! I just have a question or two, how did you find me? Am I like a popular anime-planet-er person and don't even know it? Anyway, why did you add me. :D Either way nice meeting you!