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Drifting Dragons

Feb 12, 2020


The best way to describe Kuutei Dragons is 'different'. Calming yet has enough action to keep you interested. I was hesitant before watching the first episode, but the show managed to completely draw me in by the third one.


The story follows the Crew of the a flying vessel called the Quin Zaza. They make a living through hunting and selling dragons, which are a delicacy in the world the story is set in. The series is kind of episodic. but each episode is still somewhat related to the others. What this anime manages to do really well, is combine different themes without making it seem too forced. You can feel the serenity of the world above the coulds, follow the action packed dragon hunting scenes and even get the urge to eat some nice food while watching them cook dragon meat. - 7/10


This anime is made using CG animation. While it might feel a bit weird at first, the realistic nature of CG really emphasizes the beauty of the environment high up in the sky and manages to make each dragon, the Crew encounters, look unique and stunning. The character design is good but CG animation makes them look a bit rough. - 7/10


Character development is stong with this one. The personality of the characters progresses and changes through the series, but it does so in a very subtle way across all 12 episodes. so you only notice it after finishing the series. You can feel some characters becoming more mature while others don't seem to change as much but they leave you with a  cozy feeling, as if they're your own Crew or group of friends. The obvious differences in the personalities of the Crewmembers make the series very dynamic and also showcase how every member is needed for their own unique set of skills. The anime doesn't really explore any of the characters' backstories which would have been a nice tough in my opinion. - 7/10

7/10 story
7/10 animation
?/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall

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