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I'm a 2nd year college student based in Illinois, United States. I didn't start watching anime til the Winter of 2019, but I've gone through a lot of series since then.





Some of my all-time favorite girls:






A bunch of my all-time favorite shows (NOT in order):


And some honorable mentions I didn't include above (NOT in order):







(if i follow you randomly, it's most likely because I like your taste in anime)

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KarinXOXO Oct 23, 2020

Your taste in anime and the amount seen is quite impressive and extensive. And your harem of girls on your profile looks appetizing as well.

If you haven't yet and if you are game, check out the forum and AP Discord. You will see that we have a tight-knit community. ;)

PandasareNice Oct 23, 2020

It's rare I find someone with such similar tastes in anime, AND waifus ;-) (I have a private list in whichSakurajima Mai, Shiina, Nayuta, and some more common are on the verry top). I would seriously love it we could connect say, through discord ☺️ my id is PandasareNice#2190

KarinXOXO Oct 23, 2020

You are too kind, kind sir, however my profile is a working progress. A never-ending one, I feel. I see that you are watching several anime, good choices by the way. Hope you are enjoying them as you are enjoying your stay here on Anime Planet.

RaveyTrilless Oct 23, 2020

i followed you xoxo

notyouraverageotaku Oct 23, 2020

thanks ikr, just coming up with new ways to obsess over barakamon :')