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3rd year college student; didn't get into anime til winter of 2019, but I've gone through a lot of series since then




All-Time Best Girl:


Name: Rindou Kobayashi

From: Shokugeki no Souma: Food Wars















Some of my all-time favorite shows (not in order):




And some honorable mentions not included above (not in order):












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JailBait707 Jun 16, 2022

We have the same best girl from food wars. It's nice to see a fellow simp. That is all 

Qplayer Mar 12, 2022

Gamer girl!

KaedeAkamatsuSimp384 Mar 11, 2022

you seem cool so ima follow you xD

oxterna Feb 28, 2022


I'm really sorry I'm barley getting back to you TT!! I got really busy since I have a job and go to school, anyways I actually never finished watching Pretty Boys Detective Club wasn't for me I guess. Iv'e just been watching the new Attack on Titan and Demon Slayer seasons , Sasaki to Miyano , My dress up darling  I also recently finished Blue Period which I honeslty really enjoyed. I haven't been watching much anime lately,, I've just had more time for reading webtoons and webcomics tbh lmao 

Are you watching / reading anything new ?? 

or anything new in your life for you ?! 

notyouraverageotaku Jan 23, 2022

brrooooooooooooo long time. like really long. hello there.