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2nd year college student based in the United States; I didn't start watching anime til Winter of 2019, but I've gone through a lot of series since then.




Best Girl of all Time:


Name: Rindou Kobayashi

From: Shokugeki no Souma: Food Wars






Some of my other all-time favorite girls:









A bunch of my all-time favorite shows (NOT in order):




And some honorable mentions I didn't include above (NOT in order):







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(if i follow you randomly, it's most likely because I like your taste in anime)

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birdlandmemories Jan 20, 2021

Hmm... it's tough to narrow it down. Mikoto Misaka is definitely one of the best, Kyaru from Priconne has to be among the best from last year, also would say Endorsi from Tower of God was another who I liked. Same here there are probably some more who I totally forgot unfortunately. I think every anime has at least one tsundere. Oh and can't forget Eriri from Saekano, I didn't get far in that series because honestlyit was a bit boring, but she was cool

birdlandmemories Jan 18, 2021

Totally agree about Rico, I don't mind narcissistic characters but she's just ridiculous. Btw, thanks a ton about The Seven Witches, it's different than I expected but that's not at all a bad thing also just curious, who would you say is the best tsundere character of all time?

birdlandmemories Jan 16, 2021

Honestly those shows are the ones I watch a lot. I couldn't find The Seven Witches unfortunately. Sky Wizards does seem kind of forgettable, at least through the first episode. Also, I'm going to guess Rico was the one you didn't like?

youatemymarbles Jan 15, 2021

this is your sign to get the Chika bunny-girl outfit figure if you have not gotten it already. 

RoseValentine Jan 13, 2021

glad to see you watching hunter hunter I hope you will enjoy it