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This is a Manhwa based around the worlds greatest Archmage Charlotte Eleanor who once fought the Demon King only to be cursed by him, though after 32 chapters it hasn't elaborated as to what the curse is exactly... but upon his impending defeat the Demon King swore that he would one day return...

Charlotte lived a very, very, very long life and after teaching five disciples who she felt relied on her far too much she felt it was time to pass on and let the next generation take charge, so she secretly goes to perform a ritual to release her magic and let go of her life, knowing that if anyone were to know of her plans that they would stop her...

Only, as she's growing weaker and feels her time coming to an end, she reflects back on her life and admits her one regret... that she never fell in love. And thus, the spell goes awry and she finds herself de-aged and her magic unstable and basically nonexistant. 

She finds herself in a tough spot because she does not want her disciples to rely on her anymore and wants to make a fresh start and a new life so she goes out to seek the help of her oldest friend who had once fought the Demon King with her, the Duke, Jeffrey Thane Lewister...

Poor Jeffrey was friendzoned so hard lol that Charlotte, now Aria Lissen, doesn't even notice what is obvious as hell to the readers from almost the very beginning... the guy is crazy about her! I feel so much sympathy for him. Will he ever get her to see him as more than a friend?

So, of course, a lot of the plot revolves around Charlotte/Aria trying to start fresh, but having her obsessed stalkers-erm, disciples, desperately trying to find her, Jeffrey trying to hide her and make her SEE him as something more, and then her stumbling upon mess upon mess of what her disciples are like WITHOUT her...

Now, it may or may not feel like I spoiled something, but trust me... I left sooooo much out! Right now, I have no idea who she's going to end up with because while I ship her with Jeffrey, I also ship her with Ivan because of... well, that would be a spoiler lol, but aren't they adorable?! (psst, look below)

So I have no idea who to root for right now... it's so difficult to choose! Or will she end up with anyone at all?! It's so hard to say... but I HIGHLY recommend this series!



8/10 story
8/10 art
10/10 characters
9/10 overall

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