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Harley Takes the House

Mar 19, 2020

After 20 years of being bullied by her adopted brothers 27 year old Hari is finally getting her freedom as her wedding day approaches. She's counting the hours until she can leave that house and those men behind! She lays down to go to sleep, happy that with her wedding the follow day she won't have to set foot back in that house.

Unfortunately, she wakes up... 20 years in the past, right back to the childhood that tormented her. Except, this time she refused, absolutely refuses to take their abuse without fighting back!

Being tossed back into her 7 year old self allows her a new perspective to the bullish brothers that she had thought she'd known so well and puts many things in a new light. Doesn't mean she's going to take being picked on without fighting back, but at least now she's beginning to understand much of the meaning behind it. As she attempts to steer her new parents attention back to the boys, which she feels are being left out due to her, she begins to take note of the marked changes happening with Eugene, the eldest of her adopted brothers. He's acting more and more like the older version that she once knew and not the brat that she grew up with! What is going on?

And what's this? She gets a chance to meet her future fiancee as a child? 

Will she be able to save the parents whom adopted her and then died the following year? Will she be able to figure out what's going on with Eugene? Will she be able to make peace with the other two boys? Will she ever make it back to the future that she left behind?

Now, I really wasn't too sure about this series when I picked it up, but I found myself enjoying it right from the beginning. And although I DO like Johanne, I'm rooting for Eugene to end up being her future husband. I mean I know that they're adopted siblings and all... but I think the future Eugene was in love with her and just couldn't gather up the courage to tell her because of their rocky past. I think being in the past will eventually drive this home to Hari and I think she'll finally get a clue because there is absolutely no reason that Eugene wouldn't have been able to find her a husband until she was 27! Seriously, it's so obvious to me! 

But yes, there may end up being psuedo incest, and I say psuedo because if they're not blood related then is it actually incest? I think not! At least not to me... So, if that bothers you then this story isn't for you, but if it doesn't then it's a great read and I recommend!

^Eugene and Hari

7/10 story
8/10 art
8/10 characters
7.5/10 overall

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