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Triggering Mangas for Me

These are the mangas, manhuas, and manhwas that triggered me. It's not like the manga is bad, it was just triggering for me. Some of these mangas I like but some, I hate.
1 Out of Control

Out of Control

The part I find triggering is the past and the almost-rape scene. I don't know why when they talk about the past is triggering for me, it just is.

2 Lost in the Cloud

Lost in the Cloud

The scene where the main character was blindfolded and was kissing a weird creepy dude while the main character is thinking he's kissing his best friend. Honestly, disgusting and triggering.

3 Well Done

Well Done

Kind of forgot what this was about but I still remember how I was triggered by this. I think it was them forcing each other to have sex and manipulate each other. It's too triggering for me.


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