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hello :)

Welcome to my Profile


I'm an avid reader and an aspiring book hoarder (yes, I'm broke T_T). I'm also in a lot of fandom. This means I've read quite a few fanfictions from different fandoms, but I'm probably not going to put the links here because I still have some other stuffs to do lmao


Here are some of the useless facts about me:

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Hogwarts House, Ilvermony House: Slytherin, Horned Serpent

Patronous Animal: Black Mamba (I'm not fond of these cute, creepy crawlies but the  a e s t h e t i c  chose me)

MBTI Type, Enneagram Type: INTJ, 5w4


About my certain err... taste (?)

I have been told that I have a certain type


I don't really think they're telling the truth, tho /lh


My favorite manga/manhua/manwha to read right now are:



Anyways, that's it!

I'm not usually online but I always try to respond to comments so please bear with me >.<


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Kaeseolin Nov 10, 2022

Oh yeah, no worries about the slow reply! So your study was going, right?

And omg, Taylor Swift finally released a new album called 'Midnights' which comes out in October? I'm still quite familiar with her music, lol.

Well, that's really cool! I also like fantasy, adventure, mystery and more like this tbh. I'm not sure how to choose one favorite trope, but my current tropes are 'second chance' and 'veiled magical world/parallel world'.

GoldenFury Oct 25, 2022

At the moment I have two favorite songs been listening to recently both are rock but different generations xD

They are  사랑했어요 - Park Wan Kyu /  슬픈 언약식 (Sad Promise) - Kim Jong Min

Also, do you have discord maybe we can have a chat as well mine is:  The Golden Fury#0107

Have a nice day!

GoldenFury Oct 15, 2022

Have a nice day!

Kaeseolin Oct 12, 2022

Also, I appreciate the follow, followed back! Btw, I love the Casein Nitrate pfp! So what are some of your favorite genres?

Kaeseolin Oct 10, 2022

Oh yes, and you're welcome. Anyways, I'm glad you enjoyed reading my bio so far! If you need any anime/manga recommendations, please check out my lists.