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This is the story of a pilot in a (relatively) newly created branch of the military, known as the space force. Growing up he had higher aspirations, but fell short and settled for his current position. 

 He goes on living his life of mediocrity, barely doing enough to get by, until one day he meets a women who preaches the word of god. He takes a liking to her and she becomes his motivation to straighten out and fly right. She also takes a liking to him based on his career, due to her disdain for humanity, and her fascination with the Stars, which have yet to be touch by civilization.

 Just as the hero finally regains his vigor for life, behind the scenes, his government has lots interest in the space force, and is threatening to shut it down. Even going as far as to try and sabotage it by making its secrets easily accessible to a rival nation. 

 At times this anime can be thought provoking. The story is grounded in borderline reality which is something I appreciate. There isnt a whole lot of action, however the plot was interesting enough that it didnt necessarily need multiple fight scenes and epic battles with uber explosions and death. 

 However I feel it could have been better. I didnt find myself getting attached to any characters. I kind of had a soft spot for the preacher lady, but in the end she was just a supporting character, so she didnt get too much fleshing out or development. 

 And there was a lot of plot lines left open. The show spends a fair bit of time building up a potential romance between the main character and the preacher woman. But the second to last encounter they have gets pretty dark, and you'd assume he blew it, yet the last time they see each other, she appears to have forgiven him. This part makes no sense. And then they dont even provide any closure on the relationship between the two of them. 

 Another thing that would have been nice to have cleared up, was the ramifications of the climax of the movie.

 In the end they appeared to just be focusing on the theme. Human nature and the effects humanity has on itself and its environment. That was made clear by the final monologue from the main character. I however thing they could have tried up the loose ends, and still accomplished what they wanted. 

6.5/10 story
7.5/10 animation
6.5/10 sound
6/10 characters
6.6/10 overall
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