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Unlike the first Ghost in the Shell series, this is actually very well done for the most part. 

 There are quite a few more engaging episodes in 2nd Gig, and the improvements are highlighted by the fact that each episode contains things important to the over arching plot. 

 In some episodes we even get history of the world in which GITS takes place.

 Unfortunately they do bring back the Tachikoma, who I find highly annoying characters and easily the worst part of the show. And to cap things off, in the last episode when the story is about to climax, these pre-pubescent crab trash cans take center stage. Everything else about the story, including the ending, was so well done, but the incessant pummeling of my brain with their voices and blatant plot device-ary single handedly snatched mediocrity from the hands of greatness in my mind.


 The first episode of this series featured movie quality animation which really got my hopes up. After the first episode however it returned to the same caliber as the original series. 

 The character design for the series, despite some minor improvements, still lacks uniqueness. Maybe that's just a side effect of trying to be realistic though.


 Still good in this series, however I would say that this is the one category that the first GITS did better. The music (intro mostly) in that series was so haunting, while this one doesn't seem to quite have the same effect.


 Have yet to see much change in this aspect from the two series, however small improvements made in making minor, un-important characters a little more fleshed out and relatable. 

 Other slight improvements can be noted in Togusa's development. He is starting to Separate himself as a more naive and flawed character then the rest of the of the cast, who are still basically all just carbon copies of each other in different bodies. 

 Although the characters are all more or less the exact same as each other, we do get some excellent episodes delving into some of their histories, specifically, the Major and Saitou.

 Don't get me started on the tachikoma again.

7.5/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
7/10 characters
7.2/10 overall
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