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Tokyo Ghoul:re

Sep 9, 2019

This. Anime. Doesn't. Do. The Manga. Justice!

For realllll the manga is a literal piece of fucking art and the anime adaptation of it is so poorly executed it makes me wanna rip out my eyeballs because of the cringe.. seriously Tokyo Ghoul has one of the most interesting yet devestating plots that I've come across, but the animation of it here just fudges it all up. It sours its fucking beauty!!

Before youre quick to judge on this disaster of an anime, please please PLEASE read the manga first and if this kind of genre just isn't for you, then by all means have an opinion it's your right. shit on whatever you deem is shit. But seriously man i love this manga and i loved its predecessor the Tokyo Ghoul manga too. The plot gets fucking insane bro and i'm not even finished with it yet lol.

Yeah the mangas not 'perfect' and if we wanna sit here and critic every little thing i dislike about it then okay: number 1, the character goddamn kuki urie with his selfish vendeta and promotion crazy brain, or hmm number 2 the once innocent ccg seidou takizawa who gets 'eaten' and suddenly wants to be a 'post jason' root a kaneki ken so damn badly he's gotta do the whole 'im insane hahaha i love to kill kill kill hehehehehe' act with his white hair and black nails copycat shit and number 3 don't even get me started on amon... i don't wanna spoil anything too much so... ya sure nothing is perfect but i still love this manga and I urge yall to give it a read because it goes by quick like you'll get sucked in. Like I'm not a 'reading gal' but this shit is good plus there's pictures so hey less work am i right! and i love my boy haise sasaki and shirazu :( and arima <3<3

!!!Anyway moral of this short and simple review is, the anime doesnt hold a goddamn candle to the heartbreaking beauty that is the manga. (plus you should always just read the manga anyways if youre watching an anime since that shit leaves out soo much of the juice man.) READ THE MANGA OKAY!!! THANK YOU LET'S BE FRIENDS

that's all folks,


9/10 story
3/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
5/10 overall
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