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Darker than Black

Dec 1, 2018

Anime Review #1 (woo!) - Darker Than Black

[ Completed Anime on friday 18-11-30 ]

Oh wow, this anime was truly amazing.

The beginning was a bit confusing and the story was hard to follow at first, but as the episodes progressed, the plot began to make more sense and one can't help but fall in love with all of the characters. The Syndicate gang of Hei, Yin, Mao, and Huang♡~ ah I have a soft place in my heart for all of them! This is my first real anime review so I'll try to keep it brief, accurate, and try not to spoil anything too much ;-) (don't hold me to that) So that being said, let's analyze!!!

The plot: 'Darker Than Black' is set in Tokyo, Japan where an incident occurred causing a place called 'Hell's Gate' to appear within the city. Similarly, a place called 'Heaven's Gate' also appeared in South America that altered the whole landscape and killed the people within it. Because of these creations, people began developing supernatural powers and were dubbed Contractors. These special people lack basic human emotions and each have different powers in which they can perform once before they receive their punishment/price/contract/whatever you want to call it. This punishment ranges from Contractor to Contractor, being as simple as turning up the shoes of the person they've killed, or as extreme as aging backwards (getting younger and younger) everytime one uses their power. The story follows the life of a Contractor named Hei, who goes by the alias of Li Shengshun, and is also known as 'The Black Reaper.' Unlike ordinary Contractors, Hei does not pay a price for using his powers of Electricity and his goal is not to use his powers for bad and kill people, but instead he works for a group called the Syndicate and kills other Contractors. (I'm probably doing a shit just of plot summary but you can google the summary if you want to watch this anime lol) Anyways, like i said earlier, the plot gets confusing at times, but stick it out until the end because it's amazing!

Main Character Time!!! *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

-Hei: Gosh i fucking LOVE Hei! He's the main reason I was intrigued enough to start watching this show (what can I say, I'm a sucker for cute boys with magical powers)~ Hei is such a little Anti-Hero you can't help but fall in love with him. Even though he seems like a masked, murderous, cold-blooded guy, he's really a big softie and just wants to see his sister Pai (Bai?) again. He's also a big eater which honestly is hot asf lmao watching him scarf down 80 bowls of noodles mmm. + when he's "acting" as his alias Li Shengshun around the police and humans, hes so goofy and pure I just wanna hold his hand and give him a phat uwu hug! Plus i love his relationships with literally anyone he meets especially with Chief Kirihara, Yin, Mao, and Detective Gai (lmao Gai is such a nut i'll talk about him too). Basically Hei is a good boy and I love him and he deserves all the love and happiness forever!!!

-Mao: I equally love Mao as much as I love Hei!! It took some time for me to love Mao because at first he was a bit ??? but oh my god his little cat body is adorable and he's so fucking funny in episode 22 like i love himmm. And everytime he moves, his collar makes a little jingle sound because of the bell around his neck! fuck i love him<3 He's also a Contractor like Hei but his special power is that he can jump into the bodies of animals but he lost his original human body so he stays inside the body of a black cat (CUTE I KNOW RIGHT?!). He's an adorable cat and he has a grumpy man voice and i love him! He deserves all the cat food, head pats, and tummy rubs!

-Yin: How could anyone hate Yin! She's super adorable in her little Lolita outfit and she's the queen of playing piano! Unlike Hei and Mao, Yin is not a Contractor. Instead she's a Doll. (Dolls are emotionless people who are used as mediums to survey and spy on areas via a glob like substance in water. lmao bad explanation im sorry) Yin is super adorable and normally Dolls only act when they are commanded to do something, but through time, Yin begins to develop her own views and acts on her own and it's so adorable when she shows emotions of caring and hugs Huang in episode 24 ahh too cute! Her relationship with Hei is adorable as well, because she really cares about him like a brother/sister love<3 Such a cutie!

-Huang: Okay Mr. Grumpy Grump Ugly Mug, it took awhile for me to like you yet as soon as i started to like you you d***. That's how it always goes i guess, but frick he's just a cute middle aged (thicc) dude who works for the Syndicate as well and acts like he just follows orders, hates Contractors, and doesnt give a shit, but really he loves his little family of Hei, Mao, and Yin and he has a soft side as well. He also cant can get drunk which is fun lol.. Good and wholesome deep down, yet stubborn and grumpy throughout the whole show. (Unrelated/Kind of related, but if they made a live action version of this anime, which I doubt they would lol, But Danny Devito would be a GREAT Huang okay!! don't @ me but it's facts!!!!)

-Chief Kirihara: To be honest I didn't know what to think about her at first since I basically sided with Hei the minute I saw him lol. In time, I learned to enjoy her, however! I'm not like in-love obsessed with her or anything, but her friendship with BK-201/ Li is very nice and refreshing and her outlook on Contractors changes as the plot progresses. She may be a cop, but she too is tough on the outside but a softie on the inside. She's feisty yet commanding and friendly at the same time and I enjoyed her character a lot! Also in episode 25 when she figures out who BK-201 truly is and she tells Li to stop but Hei's all "the man you knew as Li is gone..' lol we love a cryptic king!!

Other Characters I Enjoyed/Wanna Talk About!!!・:*:・゚☆

-Detective Gai Kurasawa and Kiko: "Detective" is kind of a weird term to use for him since he's a pretty shit detective, but that's what makes his character so loveable. Gai runs a private detective business along with a young, feisty woman named Kiko. The two attempt to solve crimes together and are quite a funny duo since Gai is basically a chain-smoking perv, and Kiko is an anime-obsessed, all over the place teenager. I really enjoyed their dynamic and when they met Li lol<3 (I love Li I have to mention that 1000000 times apparently!) Gai is good because he's literally Sven from Black Cat (same voice actor too) so you know i gotta love him!!!!

-November 11: A British Contractor who was lowkey annoying at first but i kinda liked him lmao (his power is freezing stuff(?) i think lol). It's also kind of funny how this anime thought that every foreigner had to have blonde hair and blue eyes lol. Anyways I enjoyed his little rant about second hand smoke which is ironic since his price is that he has to smoke smh poor guy :/ Again with his case, once i stated to enjoy him he d***!!! smh... his relationship with the Chief was cute too and he didnt seem like such a bad guy in the end.

-February/Amber: At first I had to hate her because ofc Hei does, but she really gave me Eto/CC vibes at the beginning. As the story ends though, you begin to realize her true motives and I started to like her. She meant well and her power was really interesting. 

(Ok i'm done talking about now characters lol)

Rating/Overall Thoughts!!♩♪♩

I decided to rate this anime a "9" for the Story because, though it was really interesting, it became a bit confusing to follow along with and nothing really made sense until the end (kind of? lol im still confused lets be honest). Actually, I had tried to watch this anime before a few years back, but I dropped it because I was too confused lol. Thankfully I decided to pick it up again since it was really good, regardless of me being too slow to pick up on little details and follow along 100% of the time (isnt that what online discussion forums are for though lol). I rated everything else a "10" because that's what this anime deserves. Of course, this is all my opinion, but my opinion is right soooo ;-) jk but also not jk.... anyways I've been writing this for a good 30 minutes now so imma stop here!

My final thoughts on 'Darker Than Black' is that season 1 was really good and I'm sure I'll watch it again sometime in the future. I really enjoyed all of the characters, and the little side plot episodes were as equally enjoyable as the main plot ones. I think the concept of Contractors and Humans is really intriguing and i'm a sucker for Hei overall<3!!! I recommend this anime for people who like magic(?), gore, humor, and angst(?). 10/10 good show!!! i'll start watching season 2 after i post this lmao!

that's all folks :-)


9/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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