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Anime Review #23 - Komi Can’t Communicate

I saw this show being recommended on tiktok but I didn’t want to start watching it until most of the episodes were out. Now that the first 12 eps have concluded, I can say that this show has honestly become one of my new favorites! 

Essentially, Komi Can’t Communicate is about a high school girl named Shouko Komi who has extreme social anxiety that has led her to become mute and unable to form relationships with her peers. Her classmates, however, find Komi to be so stoic, mysterious, and beautiful that they worship her as their goddess, mistaking her extra social awkwardness as her being an almighty and powerful goddess who they are unworthy of speaking directly to. Komi takes this as her classmates ignoring her and not wanting to be her friend, so she sets a goal to make 100 friends with the help of the boy who sits next to her in class, Hitohito Tadano!

This show has such a good vibe and it hit all the marks when it comes to ‘slice of life school anime’ because you have the girl + boy love interest, constant misunderstandings, awkwardness, school episodes followed by summer vacation episodes, a pool episode, a sports day episode, a culture festival episode with haunted houses and maid cafes, etc etc. I also felt that all of the female characters had spectacular personalities and weird quirks that I just loved! Though I don’t think this show would be everyone’s cup of tea, I really enjoyed it. Since it doesn’t follow a major plot full of drama and sequential episodes, it’s super lowkey and enjoyable to just watch and have a laugh! I found this anime to be genuinely funny throughout each episode, and I’m glad I watched it! Though I didn’t love everything about it, I would still rate it super highly because it brought me joy so it deserves 5 stars! I also feel as if i can relate to Komi on some level, as I too am a fellow hot, socially anxious queen with no friends<3

Now I wanted to give a little analysis of how I felt about each of Komi’s friends + other characters that are introduced in the show! If you don’t want any spoilers, I would skip this part of the review! :)

(some spoilers below!)

My Evaluation of Komi’s Friends:

-Tadano kind of meant nothing to me LOL, he’s kind of just your average ‘boy’ character that has to be in the show to serve as the heterosexual love intrest for Komi :/ Honestly if he was a woman it would have been WAY better in my opinion….lol. The only time i actually liked him was in the last episode when he was in that maid outfit with the pink wig because then i could pretend that he was a woman and that him and Komi were lesbians<3 It was also funny in the last episode when they were doing karaoke and no one was listening to him put his heart and soul into that karaoke performance except miss Komi with the maracas LOL

-Najami I loved them! They were a nonbinary icon in their uniform skirt and tie combo and carefree attitude. I loved that they just expressed however they wanted to express themselves and it was great. I know they said they’re a boy, but I love the androgyny fantasy for them! They’re childhood friends with everyone which is fun lol. We love a loud and bubbly character.

-Agari was her “pet” doggy with GIANT TITS. Essentially she was Komi’s obsessive minion who didn’t feel like she was  worthy of being more than just a dog to Komi lol. She was super ditsy and clumsy and I found her to be pretty cute lol. She was a mess, but it was funny! 

-Yamai was honestly my favorite character LOL. She was literally insaneee but we kind of live for it! She gave BIG psycho lesbian yandre stalker vibes with her photos of Komi all in her bedroom taped on the walls and the fact that she kidnapped Tadano to kill him so she could have Komi to herself LOL i love it<3 Feels bad though that Komi will only ever see her as a reluctant friend :( i hope Yamai is able to find a girly in her life to kiss and hold hands with<3 She was iconic. Her ‘i love you’ confession to Komi in the last episode was amazing! We need more lesbian relationships in anime frfr, but that’s a whole other topic lolol.

-Makaru was Komi’s “rival” lol, well more like a one-sided rival as Komi didn’t really acknowledge her much which was funny. I loved her blunt bangs and pink hair (I love pink haired anime girls!!) and she was also super insane like Yamai but in a different way. She strived to beat Komi in everything and made every little thing a challenge, and then she would lose every time LOL. I liked that. She was very spunky and fun. I also love her ugly man faces that she’d make sometimes. It was silly :)

-Nakanaka was probably my second favorite character LOL. She was a cringey cosplayer weeb who was obsessed with anime and DND type shit, always speaking in character which i LOVED! I loved how she would just show up in her dumb outfit and start spouting ‘dragon force’ nonsense lol. When she was first introduced, I died when she said that her ‘evil eye’ was acting up but it was just pink eye LMAOOO. Literally iconic. I’ll roleplay with you nakanaka, don’t worry!

Others to Mention:

-I’m obsessed with Komi’s hot milf mom and her quiet king dad! We love a loud mom, quiet dad dynamic!! 

-I also really liked Netsuno the sporty fire lesbian who just showed up for the Sports Day episode and always said stuff about people degrees and temperatures lol. She was hot in a sporty lesbian way<3.

-I also really liked Onemine. I especially loved her character design with her pretty moles and eyeliner, she was hot!! She very much gave me ‘mom friend’ + shy lesbian energy!

-I also enjoyed Kaeda who was the super ditsy, slow, spacey, sunshine girl. She was fun!

Overall, I thought it was cute! Since the show didn’t really conclude, I’d totally read the manga for more goofs and laffs :) This is the type of anime that you don’t really need to take seriously, and if you watch it with a friend or by yourself, you’ll have a fun time! slay :)

9/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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