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Version 3.2, on January 01, 2020 =>

- I just like to watch anime. And collect anime figures.
- I'm from Romania, a country in Europe.
- My anime collection: 30+ manga and around 30 figures. I'm going to buy more in the future. Or rather say, i received most on them on my birthdays, and i'm sure i'll get more every year...
- I watch anime for pleasure, i'm not obsessed with it. My anime list is a sign of too much free time.
- I don't know japanese (can't read at all, and understand a few words that are useless in real life ).
- I visited Japan at the end of 2016, and it was amazing.

- I used to watch anime daily, but now i don't have that much time.
- I used to watch 2 anime series at a time, so in case one was bad, the other would compensate. Now I watch just one anime from start to end, all in one day.
- I watch english subbed anime, don't like the dubs (but some are good), or them subbed in my country language.
- I only watch already completed anime.

- As far as what type of anime i watch, comedy is the main genre (I want to laugh or smile at least) and I continue with: Slice of life, Moe, Otaku culture, Parody, School Life, Ecchi, Harem, Yuri, and many more.
- Yes I watch ecchi anime, but I like it when it's nicely integrated in the story. Panty shots are the best.    
- I don't watch violence themed anime. So horror, medieval, war, and many other anime types are a no no. I don't like drama either, it usually destroys a nice anime.

- I only give 5 ***** (these are stars) or nothing at all.
- If I like an anime or something special from it, so at the end I can say I enjoyed it, I rate it 5*.
- If I don't like it at all or not so much (a boring anime probably), or some scenes destroyed the feeling, I don't rate it at all.
- I received a comment that said, that it isn't fair if I rate it this way. But go to any anime here, and see how they are rated or their reviews: even the best of the best or the worst anime have ratings between 0.5 and 5. So i'm not unfair. I can't rate how I feel.

- My anime list is up to date, because I update here after watching all the episodes for the day. I also have a MAL list ( i have the same username ).
- The first anime I watched, was in kindergarten. But it wasn't untill 2006-2007 when i "discovered" the internet.Up to this year, i watched only what was on tv. But this was enough, watched probably around 100 series this way.
- I used the "list" feature of this site to make....lists :) Here you go: http://www.anime-planet.com/users/dgmikep/lists . It took some time to pick them, and i will make many more.

I will reply to any comment. So post one if you arrive on this page.

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TsundereIsBae Jul 8, 2020

Kuroneko is not tsundere, but kuudere. And in case she was a tsundere, something I didn't think of when I saw the anime, then she'd be one of the few tsundere I don't like...

Daktary Feb 20, 2020

Sincer, nu ma asteptam la un raspuns atat de argumentat. Nu am auzit de mare parte din anime-urile pe care le-ai punctat, dar daca ar fi sa fac un rezumat (strict pe baza tag-urilor), raspunsul ar fi "comedii lighthearted, slice of life si romance"? Bine... stiu... puteam sa citesc descrierea profilului, dar na... chiar am cautat titlurile.

Nu comentez sistemul de rating. Asta ar fi chiar culmea. E interesant sa vezi ca fiecare are o metodologie aparte. Personal, prefer putin mai multa precizie, sa stiu cat de mult ma diferentiez de norma. Si, in anumite cazuri (spre exemplu Ergo Proxy), sa stii de ce parte a spectului de pozitionezi, pentru ca poti fi ori pro, ori contra.

La Bekemonogatari am incercat sa ma uit, dar subtitrarile nu mai incapeau pe ecran, iar asta ma deranja mult prea mult. Mult prea mult text si mult prea multe cuvinte. Imi aducea aminte de descrierile literare din lectura obligatorie... mereu citeam rezumatul :D. Poate oi mai incerca alta data sa-l reiau, dar acuma, poate ar fi o idee sa incep iar sa mai ma uit la anime-uri, in general, pentru ca am facut o pauza destul de mare.

Kiss x Sis (in special OVA-ul, nu varianta TV), e un ecchi ( / borderline H) foarte bun. Nu e ca si cum as putea sa vorbesc filozofic de asa ceva, dar ma pufneste rasul de fiecare data cand imi aduc aminte de show..

Ah, si felicitari pentru gramatica! Poate suna ciudat, dar vad extrem de rar fragmente de text scrise corect, cu virgula pusa la locul ei, la fel si pauzele de gandire. Lucrez des cu documentatie tehnica si un text inteligibil, cap coada, e chiar un moft. :D

Daktary Feb 18, 2020

Hahaha! Yeah, I tend to keep an open eye to different genres and styles so my favorites may seem to be all over the place. But mostly I like to see simple and believable plots that leave a blank space for an afterthough. And of course, classic no bars, crude / low brow humor.

Taking a look on your list, I guess your favorits ended on the lower side of my ratings because I generally don't like fanservice anime :D Your rating system makes it hard to understand what anime are you really interested in, and well... seeing as the ecchi tag is the mostly prevalent in the starred ones, makes the whole thing a lot funnier.

venluxy Feb 5, 2020

late response, but I gave Miru Tights 5/5 just for a joke. Why I don't have so many 5/5 is becasuse I haven't found so many anime that have made me very into it.

FriendlyDemon Feb 2, 2020

You do have some fair points dar

  • Ouran m-a plictisit in ultimul hal. What was the point? Maybe I'm missing it...
  • Kimi no Todoke mi s-a parut tampit de la inceput pana la sfarsit si animatia a fost ingrozitoare pentru mine.
  • imi pare rau de daily lives but it's not my type of comedy, ceva nu s-a conectat acolo si m-a plictisit.
  • Toradora was just... a bit less than meh
  • bunny girl senpai had a bit of something there but not enough (l-am vazut intr-un group watch asa ca poti sa vezi impresiile mele episode by episode in forum)

Nu pot sa imi apar ratingul decat spunand ca anime-urile respective nu fac parte din genurile care imi plac personal, asa ca imi este mult mai greu sa gasesc lucruri care imi plac in ele. Again, sorry about dlhb :D

Si da, inteleg ce zici. Multi se enerveaza cand le spui ca x sau y nu ti-a placut. Toti avem preferintele noastre :)