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This is the first review I have decided to do. Not because this show is all that special, but because the other reviewers seem to have the wrong idea of the show. 

Let's start with the story (since that is easily the most interesting part, for the first half of the season). I've never seen a romcom go so heavy on manipulative characters like this. Most people seem to think that the "gimmick" of the show is the childhood friend constantly losing through-out. And that is my biggest problem with the misunderstanding of this show. The main "gimmick" is how just about every character (even the side characters that do almost nothing for most of the plot) are conniving scumbags constantly scheming for the most selfish reasons. It almost makes you hate every character and love interest. So for the story, it gets a 5/10.

The characters are interesting with their own quirks, at the beginning. but as th show progressed most of the characters became the same bland romcom girls you see everywhere. So for characters, it gets a 2/10.

I don't really care for sound design as much. But nothing really stood out at amazing or horrible. So it gets a 5/10.

The animation isn't anything all that special. But it's not bad and in fact is pretty good most of the time. 6/10.

5/10 story
6/10 animation
5/10 sound
2/10 characters
5/10 overall
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