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I'm an Ecuadorian who just got involved in the world of anime. I just want to get to know people who have the samelike for anime as me.

For now I'm looking for any recommendations in what to watch. I'm not very picky about anything.

Outside of this planet I often go swimming, like to see sports of any kind and hangout with my family and friends. I spend some of my time trying to learn japanese by myself.

I'm looking forward to meet you all at anime-planet 😁.


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Shinayda Apr 19, 2016

no plans at all ;3;

Shinayda Apr 15, 2016

Im doing good :) hbu? hows your weekend? :o

Shinayda Apr 6, 2016

Oooh I see :)

Woahh the asterisk war it's nice ^3^..The s2 will be coming up this spring 2016 :o

Shinayda Apr 4, 2016

Sorry for the late reply T^T

waatt??..wait I dont get it 0-0.. so you mean that 150cm in your country is tall? o-o

Im checking to what anime will watch next this spring 2016 :)..hbu?

Sianeka Apr 2, 2016

deleonl98 says...  Not so much, actually.   I've had vacation so I've been enjoying my free time in order to watch some of my want to watch list.  

Lucky! I'm a bit jelly!  I find there is NEVER enough spare time for me to watch anime most days. LOL

deleonl98 says...  Additionally I've gone training and went with my family for a stroll in the woods, but the bridge to cross the river was destroyed and we couldn't finish our stroll. I really wanted to see the faterfall at the end of the road D:   Anyhow... I've enjoyed my time out there.

Oh, it sounds like a wonderful area to walk in!  I used to live in a more suburban area that had forest and creeks, but now I live in the city, and just finding an area that has trees is as much "nature" as it gets. *grin*  Where my parents live now (not where I grew up) there is a river out back from their property and a bridge, but no waterfall.

I sometimes miss having access to all that natural beauty.

deleonl98 says...  I understand why you've been full all this time, but do you enjoy doing all that work? Keep in mind it's always a good idea to go out from time to time in order to refresh yourself? (^-^)

Most of the time, all this volunteer stuff I do brings its own rewards, so I'm usually happy to do it.  Sometimes, occasionally, the downsides, like not having much spare time, gets to me, but then I try to focus on the upsides more so it doesn't bring my attitude down.

I have family and friends who are dedicated and constantly on patrol to see that I get out of the house, since I could easily see me becoming a hikikomori with my books and computer at home.  But my friends and family won't allow that, and often set up campaigns to get me out into the world to do things!  I may grumble a bit, but I usually have fun on all my outtings! LOL