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New stuff:


So I watched episode one of sing yesterday for my and I dropped it, I also just watched episode one of drop kick on devil it think that's what it's called and idk what I'm gonna do: keep watching it, drop it, or stall it? (Probably stall)

I think I'm gonna start the dragon maid show, is it good?


Finally decided to catch up on my Sailor moon I've been binge watching it alot on my DVDs and I am now finishing up "part one" of season one, I'm on episode 21 right now.🌙🐱

For my birthday, or Christmas or something I want the "part two" of the DVD Verizon of season one, while I wait, I hope there is some on YouTube or something. 

Usagi is me :/


Just watched all of the Gudetama episodes and he's literally me 😂👌


I just started season two of Haikyuu!!

I have been drawing alot and I've drawn two pictures of noya along with may bnha referenceed drawings (backugou, asui, deku, denki, etc.). 


Animes I like in order:

1. Soul Eater

2. Haikyuu!!/Sailor moon

3. My Hero Academia/Ouran Highschool Host Club

I'm still watching fruits basket, sailor moon, and Naruto (beginning) so I'm not sure where I'd place it.

And I ABSOLUTELY hated soul eater not!


Old stuff:


I HATED soul eater not!

I don't wanna waste anymore time even thinking about it, pls read my review!


I finished soul eater and I'm kinda disappointed about the ending.

To fix that they DEFINITELY need to make a season 3.

(But it's probably not going to happen... 😢☹️)

And, YES, it is still my all-time favorite, although I would love it even more if it had a better


Watching Naruto with my friend, for those of you who know her, it's Virginia.

It's a big step for her with anime. But we both made a promise that we wouldn't watch it without watch other soooooooo... We've finished 2 episode and that's it. 😂


I have watched Ouran highschool host club, I recommend it for bacically anyone who wants to see a romantic comedy (more comedy than romance).

Tamaki is my favorite.


I've  also watched (hehe, no pun intended) Yo-Kai watch, I've just remembered a few years back I finished it (please don't ask me anything about it because it's been a really long time)

Pls stay safe and healthy during this uncertain time.


And remember:

Jesus loves you, give it your all: PLUS ULTRA, and it's not the shape or form that matters, but the soul that does, fancy tuna rules, if you don't like up your destiny, don't accept it, have the courage to change it (idk if that's all the way right or not), and the rabbit on the moon pounds rice cakes!

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OsumarefromMAL May 25, 2022

Wow, another person that isn't a fan of the beloved Oikawa. Nice. I always feel weird when I see people going off on how much they enjoy him because he just never really clicked with me.

Feolis Sep 16, 2020

Hello, I just noticed your comment on my page. About Deku.. Aparently I offended you, I would like to apologize. I've badmouthed him because Season 4 was so disappointing in my point of view, he was tearsjerking me and It makes me angry because I was actually crying, I feel like he should give me back my tears. 

Reigensnose Jul 19, 2020

To answer your question on who Kid's mom is, he, in fact, doesn't have one. This is usual for a grim reaper/shinigami because in Soul Eater a grim reaper/shinigami reproduces by taking off a fraction of their Soul. This is how Kid was born. No mother was needed.

Avneet154 May 8, 2020

Hi Noya~san!

Thank you for folowimng back

*bows and leaves you profile*

SoraHarukawa Apr 23, 2020

I've had them there for like 3 weeks