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All ratings are 90% personal enjoyment, 10% objective worth for the public. I don't care about how people at large care about a series. If I don't like it, I don't like it. That doesn't mean it will suck for everyone but if it does for me, it simply does for me. Your enjoyment of it shouldn't be threatened because of my ratings

As I've grown older I've become more discerning of what I want to read/watch, and what I don't. I have dropped many manga because they were too cliche or just weren't compelling enough to finish. I'm not someone who believes in finishing a series no matter what, with the two exceptions having been Soul Eater and Bleach. Still don't know why I even bothered to finish the former...

Also, personal note: I am fully against the resurgence of what peeps in my circle have dubbed The Morality Police, i.e. white women thinking they can tell people what they can or cannot read/watch because "it's bad" or "it's depraved" or "it's toxic/problematic". Last I checked, I haven't gone out and molested any children or murdered any women despite heavily consuming media that features these sorts of depraved acts. Fiction can influence reality by offering a view point previously unavailable within the scope of what we believe to be facts, but it does not directly change it and will never directly change it.

Also-also, if you write off something just because it revolves around cheating and/or the act of cheating, and consider people who enjoy such media to be disgusting/bad/evil/depraved/sick in the head, then all I can say is...



I like dubs, mostly. 
I'm not some snooty person who thinks just because Japanese is the "original" language for the anime, the English version can never, ever hold a candle to it. Yeah usually English voice actors are recycled, but... Seriously, there are two voices for every female character in Japanese: Deep, rich, sexy succubus and high-pitched parakeet squawker.

If you look below you'll see an astonishing number of anime under "Won't Watch". I'm VERY picky about the anime I watch. Another reason why it's so high is that I have immediately put "Won't Watch" on all Sports and Mecha anime (except Gurren Lagann), as well as every single Movie or DVD Special for the other anime that I don't want to watch. It adds up, is what I'm saying. Anime I end do end liking are often left unfinished because I binge-watch and then burn out, with a handful of episodes left for me to leave hanging in suspension. I'm the same with TV shows and movies.  



My most favorite genres and usually about all I watch are: Seinen, Psychological, Mature, Shonen, Shojo, and Horror..

The very first genres I go to for updates on manga sites are Horror, Seinen, Historical, and Yaoi. There can NEVER be enough Horror manga, NEVER EVER EVER. I also have found that I'm quite entertained by dance, fashion, and cooking - themed manga. 

Least Favorite Tags/Subjects/Tropes: Gender Bender, Board Games, Reincarnation, Sports/Racing, Mechas, Sci-Fi, School Club, Harems, and Ecchi (but it really depends on the series and setting).



Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
It's Your Guys' Fault I'm not Popular!
Kamisama Kiss
Naruto/Naruto Shippuden
Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne
Space Dandy



A Bride's Story
A Cruel God Reigns in Heaven
Annarasumanara (Manwha)
Black Butler
Deadman Wonderland
Drifting Classroom
Food Wars!
Fullmetal Alchemist
Koe no Katachi
Munakata Kyouju Denkikou
Nana to Kaoru
Paradise Kiss
With the Light: Raising an Autistic Child


Brother Auto Spot
Coponicus no Koykuu
Gingaku Hakase to Marmot
Gokudou Darling
Gouin Sakka to Makeinu no Hatsukoi
Himegoto Asobi
J no Subete
Kawaisa Amatte Nanika ga Hyakubai
Kichiku, Encount
Lovers Doll
Man of Tango
Mede Shireru Yoru no Junjou
Ou-Sama no Koi Asobi
Pure Blood
Shingakkou - Noli me Tangere
Sora o Daite Oyasumi
Sugar Code
Tiger Man, Rabbit Man
Tourou no Ori
Yondaime Ooyamato Tatsuyuki
Zankoku na Kami ga Shihai Suru
Anything by Ogawa Chise


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stardust2222 Jun 27, 2021

Nice profile 

kaytea Aug 30, 2020

abused abused doent give you the excuse to rape and murder ppl 

BahamutAxiom Aug 8, 2018

Agreed. Almost 6 years later.

reimam7 Apr 8, 2018

I m just sorry about that you dont like Byakuya Kuchiki but we have almost same fav characters so I followed you :)