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February, 2022 Status Report:

This bio hasn't been updated in 10 years. I'm a doctor now, working in a lab, I still play games and watch anime, albeit less than I used to and without the weeb arrogance and gear: just my PS and a TV. I haven't changed much in these past few years, anime-wise.

I had a pretty long break from anime, which explains my "to watch" list. I've rewatched some of my favorites and I'll probably do some lists again. These days, I watch my anime on Crunchyroll or Netflix and I'm not as determined to only watch completed series. It's pretty fun to have an anime-Monday where I watch 15+ongoing series. I pretty much watch anything ongoing, since I'll drop it anyway if it doesn't pass the 3 episode rule. For older series, they have to be over 4 stars for me to consider them worth watching.

Real life changed as I matured and created my personality protocol. I guide myself on the principle of power and noblesse oblige: those with power must use that power for the weak. If I can help, I will do so perfectly. I value honor and perfection in everything I do...for 8 hours a day. Afterwards, I do not want to interact with humans for 16 hours. I identify as a man whose job is to serve humankind and protect those who can't protect themselves...for 8 hours a day or when the situation demands it. I rest my body for 8 hours and I am free for another 8. My goal in life is to be free. I want to have the freedom to do anything, including absolutely nothing and that's what I work for. That being said, I will not sacrifice today's free time for anything. I do not want to work hard while young, retire and be free when I'm old. I am chasing that freedom now. 

Relationship wise, I'm a grey asexual. Humans do not interest me but I view the beautiful ones like a work of art. I do not feel lust, but if I can make someone happy with minimal effort on my part, I'll do it. 

Politically wise, I'm a liberal socialist. I believe the state should be a mother that supports all and give the same opportunity to all. I believe the rich should not be allowed to become obscenely rich and that taxes should be paid by the 1% for the 99%. I believe corporations shouldn't be allowed to dictate state policy and religion has no bussiness in state affairs.

Speaking of religion, I'm a wiccan although I feel disconnected at this point.

I have two cats (Jon aprox 12 yo and Garu, 2,5 yo) and they provide all the love I need.

I ride a bike (Yamaha TDM900 - and loving it!), I read alot more non-fiction than I used to, I'm trying to cut animal products out of my diet and include more exercise (picked up kendo and archery again).

Next year, I want to update this from my new home, watching the stars.

Important global events: Russia vs Ukraine war, 6th SARS-CoV-2 pandemic wave, brink of economic crash, devastating IPCC climate change report. 
Important local events: PNLSD political coalition, AUR rises, politicians are still shit.

I'm not going to modify the previous bio as it is a memory, albeit cringe af. I'll rarely rank anime; the only ones I will rank are those that deeply impressed me or the absolute trash.

So, that's that; see you next year. 

Firstly... I'm a medical student.

Secondly...My hobbies include Kendo, driving, reading,  video games (mostly RPGs, but I enjoy any storydriven game :3) and of course, manga/anime.

Thirdly...my native language is Romanian, asa ca aruncati cu un mesaj in mine daca intelegeti asta :P

Now, about my relationship with anime...

My history with anime started back in '97, when I began watching DragonBall Z. I remember I rushed from school directly in front of the TV, 'cause it started at 14:00 sharp. On more than one occasion I asked my teacher to let me got home early because of that. At one point I actually ran out of plausible excuses and said: "DBZ is starting!" ...and then I ran out :D.

After that, it was Sailormoon, which offered me endless amounts of laughter and tears. But, at that time, I had no ideea I was watching "anime"...

I've only started to really watch anime pretty recently, specifically in 2008. I was ushered into this brave and exciting new world by Inuyasha, which I watched three times then waited a pretty looong time for the second season :(.

While I browsed the web for new episodes of my new-found passion, I stumbled upon Bleach which I devored in about 5 days (0-220ish). Speaking about this new awesome anime I've found with a couple of my friends, they suggested I watch Naruto. The sneaky fox-kid got me sooo hooked I watched all the classic series and about 100 episodes of Shippuuden in about 1 week.

Being in danger of becoming a Narutard, I went online and asked google: "top 10 anime series". Thanks to that I got more and more into anime and began watching more and diverse genres from Death Note to Clannad to To Love-Ru to Hellsing to NGE.


The thing that attracted me most towards this type of entertainment is the masterful combination of music, animation and story, resulting in a complete package of entertainment.

Due to anime, I started to learn Japanese and actually earn the 4th level of Noryoku Shiken (atm studying for the next one as well as for my med exams...not easy :( ).

Next, I would like to talk about how exactly I watch anime :D. Well, first of all, I never drop a series, no matter how bad it is...That's just my rule :). Second, I (almost) never watch ongoing series due to three reasons:

1) I usually wait for the BDs to come out to watch it in 1080p 

2) I prefer my animes uncensored...if you know what I mean :D

3) I like to watch an anime in one go, not wait a whole week for an episode; the atmosphere is much more intense that way :)

When I finally decide to watch an anime, I search my collection for it. If I have the best variant available, I connect my TV to my PC, close the windows, draw the curtains (me gusta darkness :D) and plug in my home cinema. 

After that, I get 4 bags of popcorn (2 bacon, 2 cheese), I open 1 of each, mix 'em in a bowl and put the other two in the microwave oven (for later use, preferably during piss break :) ). Then I get 3 bags of chips (1 sourcream&dill, 1 cheese and 1 bacon) and 2x2l bottles of water (one from the fridge and one from the freezer). 

Finally, I sit down and press play :).

If the anime is a short series (12 episodes or less) I watch it in one go; if it's longer than that, I usually watch it in two to three days. 

And no, I'm not joking. Watching anime is serious bussiness. > . < 

As a side note, I enjoy writing anime reviews. All of them have appropriate spoiler tags in the first paragraph so you'd know if they contain spoilers or not.

I do apologize for the inherent spelling and/or grammar mistakes which may appear. I'm not an English native speaker, but I will do my best to purge such "horrors".

About my ratings...I rate according to my entertainment "fix" I got from that particular anime/manga. Also, I rate it according to it's gender. I never compare an ecchi/harem series to a thriller/horror one. That's like comparing apples to peaches. Sure, they're both fruits, but they're extremely different. > . <

SO, you may see alot of high ratings. That only means I enjoyed that anime and gave it a high rating accordingly. Like I said, I do not drop series (the one exception being One Piece), no matter how bad they are, my motto being: "Watch everything, watch anything."

However, I might stall an anime series if I simply do not have the time to watch it in one gulp. I never watch ongoing series, mainly due to the fact that my patience is streched to the max by the few ongoing series I normally watch.

With that being said, I'll now explain how my star system works:

1) under 1 star = this anime is a disgrace to it's gender; the time you would spend on this might should be used on a more productive way, like counting stars > . >

2) 1 star = simply not worth it and I regret wasting time on it.

3) 1,5 stars = this anime had some nice scenes, but most of it (read 95%) was worst than  <insert your most hated anime/movie/book here>

4) 2 stars = I would only recomend this anime to fans of the genre; it doesn't bring anything special to the genre and it's not even that entertaining.

5) 2,5 stars = a slightly better anime, but with many, many flaws. Not recomended unless you really have the time

6) 3 stars = an average anime: it's entertaining but it's nothing spectacular. Best used if you don't have anything better to watch

7) 3,5 stars = a slightly above average anime, worth checking out, especially if you're into that genre.

8) 4 stars = an awesome anime, a very good representative of it's genre; definately worth a watch; highly entertaining.

9) 4,5 stars = an almost perfect anime with very few or no flaws; it's a must watch show; BUT the rewatchability is not that good.

10) 5 stars = something even better than 4.5 that has good rewatchability or that impressed me; must watch show.

As for manga, I don't read as much I as would like too. 

Thanks for taking your time to read this lengthy bio and do leave a comment or two, if you want. I'm always looking for anime friends :D.


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MihaiDg Mar 30, 2022

Imi place diferenta dintre vechiul si noul bio :) Macar mai ai waifu? Haruhi inca e best?

Snoopy20 Oct 11, 2021

Oooo! Salut! Ai revenit pe aici dupa mult timp. Probabil nu iti mai amintest, dar ne cunoastem de pe fostul Extremeshare :))

Ephemera Jan 1, 2017

Happy new year !  ✌(◕‿-)✌ (I'm not a bot, message)

MihaiDg May 22, 2016

Dupa 10 ani de la aparitie, mai e Haruhi goddess?

Ephemera Mar 5, 2016

Never too late ! .... Never ! :D .... i'm still breathing ;)