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I have seen several other anime that are not in my list that I simply dont remember there name but as time goes on, i'll try to make it more up to date....

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Firenixzus May 25, 2009

Well i find my anime via mIRC (Downloading). I mostly use anidb.net to find out where i'm gonna find em. To be update on what there is comming and being linceses i use http://www.animenewsnetwork.com. And when i can't find what i need on mIRC group bots or filservers i resolve to use http://www.boxtorrents.com/ but thats hardly the case. It's rare that i use torrents. I find my anime by main 3-4 groups, but allso use the mirrior groups as well. E-D, ACX, Blitz and Arigatou thos are the main dubber grps i use. but theres allso RaX and V-A and meny ohter smaller grps. But mainly i finde all what i need on mIRC

Firenixzus May 24, 2009

Yeah allmost seen all of em. but u forgot that D.gray man is over 100 eps ;P.. Theres only a few u have writted down that i havn't seen but yeah.. seen most of em.. have a look on mu Watched list and see if u can't find something i havn't seen and u can recommend :D i'm realy in need of some good shows to watch. And don't forget there have to be dub in english ;P

Firenixzus May 24, 2009

I live near a city called Aalborg and it is in Denmark and i'm 23. So u only one year older then me ;P

i don't know if u have seen Noein before. But it's very uniqc in it's own way it has been drawn, great animations and have a solite backgound story. So chek it out!

Firenixzus May 23, 2009

Thx for ur visit on my profil.. I can see that u have spend some time on it.. So thx.

Yeah i have seen alot of animes tho i'am binded when it comes to it. As i have writed in my profil. I only watch anime dub in english. So when ppl recommend shows there allmost new. I thent the get restless and can't wait for em to be dub ;P Well The recommendations i usely do are in aspect of meny things and is imo allways. tho i havn't seen meny of the longer ones i tent to stik with thos on 13-26. But that doesnt mean that i don't like the long ones.

But if u are in need of good storylines and have a good plot. This might be good:

Ah! My Goddess Series and movie. All tho theres not allways action in this one the storyline is great. It's an older Anime show but it's good anyways.

Ai Yori Aoshi & Ai Yori Aoshi Enishi. There mainly have the same kinda setup tho this one is something there realy can happend. I have seen it before in my real life.

But i can't help to see that u havn't got this one on ur list: Black Blood Brothers, With both action and a great setup to the story this one must be ur kind a anime to watch. This one is deffenly a go for u!

Allso Chrno Crusade. Same with Black Blood Brotheres this one is extremly good. To be honest this one left me crying most of the time.

Tho most of what i watch can make my emotes go out of hand. But thats the kinda person i become ;P It' comes with all the experince life have to offer ;P

Well if u need some more Recommendations just look me up. I know alot more.

sothis May 14, 2009

I'm unable to help with where to watch or download episodes, as that's not legal and the site doesn't condone that. Sorry!