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krukky Aug 18, 2014

haha yeah, seo is funny - i just saw spidoe 2 yesterday (where she came into the show). and i love her voice actress - miyuki sawashiro - she was in kokoro connect and maria holic, i think (oh, yes. and also she was celty form durarara!! and kanbaru from the monogatari series - both of them are characters i very much enjoy).

it's great you're giving funimation a try - to be honest i constantly see their productions, and i belive i like them a lot, i hope the same goes to you :)) spacae dandy is really nice, and positive in many respects - about gentlemenness, about death, about parent issues and all sorts of things (nature, machines' emotions, aliens and peace and equality between difference - it's really cool form a mature perspective, i realy think you're gonna like it now :)) - it's very cool. but now that i think of it, i guess it's not suitable for family viewing, since dandy is the type to blabber about this place called "boobies", although he came to be the most galant man out there in one fo those episodes, but still - he's a young dude, he's not really a child, or any other type of hero :)) but for people who're older, it's very cool, i think - like my age or something (in their 20's and 30's, or anyone who feels to be that age anyways) :))

i guess i have started getting into anime-watching more myself recently (as summer is coming to an end already, and fall is upon us here, so that life is going to get much more inner-spaces-oriented now) i'm still taking it easy though - there are so many things to do:)) but yeah, i've seen quite a bit these few days, and even "very crappy" things, which i feel the need to take on at this point somehow :)

so happy times with naime to you too, onii-san ^^

krukky Aug 17, 2014

hey, how have you been?

i just wanted to say that i started watching gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun and not only is the show very pleasant so far, but the voice acting for sakura is really awesome - so fresh, and somehow uniqe - it's really nice! so thanks for mentioning that before - i really enjoyed seeing the first episode :))

take care!

krukky Aug 6, 2014

“I misspelled kodak.” hahaha that’s so funny. now i feel like i’ve made a fool of myself, but it’s okay i just tell myself “donmain, donmain”, as they go in haikyuu ^_^

“Hiatus means a break or interruption.” okay, now i feel like i’ve said something stupid again, since i actually looked up the word in the dictionary so i understood its meaning, but then again i may have said something stupid so that it seemed the other way around :D well, what can you do… :)) thanks for explaining, though, that’s nice of you ;)

“I think the last time I was hit by a dear was about two years ago. “ i love the way you say that - it’s so casual :)) sorry, i’m just pleased with things that seem amusing and somewhat absurd (that is 'cause here this isn't a trivial matter, something "normal", and that's what makes it funny and amusing) to me, as you’ve probably already grasped ;))

“No worries, though, because I'm not on this site to thrash people and their beliefs.” well, no, i’m never actually worried (since i aim at taking responsibility for my own thoughts and actions (and i believe everybody should do that), so that there’s nothing “personal” about things - quite on the contrary as criticism is usually a fruitful and “good” experience that helps you shape a more “complete” personality), but i like being polite, ‘cause that’s nice and i just like doing it ^^

about simon: well, who knows, he may as well have that, since durarara!! 2 is coming ^^ yay! but nevertheless, i think he’s quite an important character. i mean, just look at the wikia page about him - it’s so huge, detailed and nice. and it actually made me understand things i’d either forgotten (since it was ages ago i actually saw the thing :D), or never quite understood in the first place… :) it’s cool. he’s the "pacifist" of the show, ‘cause he was in the SSSR special forces (wtf?, i never understood that from the show itself, i’m certain haha probably i’m just stupid so that i didn’t remember this piece of information. that must be it :)) and seeing much terror and stuff his heart grew to demonstrate real understanding of others’ problems, so he’s actually quite the compassionate type :) nice piece of info, it made me like ‘m even more (not that it was necessary, since i already did like ‘m quite a lot ^^, but still it’s cool to understand the whole thing the authors of the character had in mind, or at least to get close(r) to that :))

yeah, it’s nice to relate in such a way. i remember being overwhelmed seeing working!! ‘cause it reminded me of a previous workplace of mine, and afterwards it inspired me to imagine a possibility for a future workplace that will suit not only my own, but other people’s tastes as well ^^ (hope it works out :)) i’d like the recs, sure. working on anime is a thing i love viewing and i’m willing to show it to more people, ‘cause we have poor work ethics here at times and we’re not too collectivistic (or at least a lot of people aren’t, and that’s bad, really). i love the idea of inspiring people to work, using anime ^^ hee-hee

yeah, i know about kansui - it’s a type of ash (in chinese its called lye). i use a substitute that’s said to work just fine (i read a really educational (chemistry-wise) article about that) - it’s called baked soda (in short that’s baking soda that you bake at a low temperature for about an hour so that its alkaline properties increase in some magically-chemical way ^^). and the ramen gets a little yellow using that, and it’s quite firm, and “chewy”. personally i liked it a lot.

oh, and today i bought a better cutting-knife for the noodles to get thinner, i'm really happy 'bout that, 'cause they were enormous using our silly instument that we call "kife" at home, but its nevertheless the only piece of metal that works in such a way and i am willing to use (with the others being even more tragic than that... it's heartbreaking when being in love with japanese cutlery, but, hey, what can you do :) distant reverance is a good thing in its own way and i tend to practice that quite a lot, so i'm not in the position to complain about stuff like that ^^). it’s not exactly an udon-kiri (in fact it’s a cleaver), but if i get to the point of buying one of those i’ll be already good enough in making noodles anyway, so i’m not that anxious :))

haha, “Man, it seems that there is a lot that interests you.  Ganbare!” hazukashii :)) but you’re probably right, so thank you :)) i guess i’m just too aoi - inexperienced, and “green”, so i’m trying to “fill the gap” ;) and probably if i ever acquire “mastery” (of something, whatever it may be), i’ll become much more composed and “linear” :)) (or i simply won’t have the energy to do more than that (cause i've gotten quite a bit older in my attempts to reach this specific goal) as well :) that’s how i picture it at least haha. sorry for the swerve).

and i’m glad you enjoy it, ‘cause i do too (conversing with you, i mean haha). and you're my "gold mine" for a certain type of anime and manga i enjoy ^^. so cheers!

krukky Aug 4, 2014

haha yeah, that’s exactly what i thought too - that they did cause some major disturbance, but they were pretty nevertheless, and people were happy seeing them. and did you see how drivers became more careful driving around them so that they didn’t injure them in some way - that was really nice and sweet ^^ kodiak? (*google-searching* it’s a type of bear, eh? hu hu, now i truly think you must be a northern person of some sort, even though you’re unwilling to talk about your whereabouts :3 okay, sorry ‘bout that, i’ll just drop it since it bothers you, even though only slightly).

deer-problems sound cute ^^ (though, i imagine it’s actually problematic, if we’re to look at things more seriously. i’ve heard that hitting deer with your car is a major problem in the northern parts of the north american continent, too. and, from what i’ve read, the main problem was for the car itself, and not for the deer :)) that’s quite nice in the sense that inspite of it all (humankind's progress, machinery-development, etc.) nature and its creatures are powerful and strong, and they’ll not be all that easily crushed by human civilization :) sorry for going on about such stuff, but i guess i still am quite the environmentalist, and i think it’s okay, as long as i don’t impose myself onto people, of course, so if i do that, please just slap me (verbally), i grant you permission, since sometimes this type of “physical assault” helps and is actually character-building ;)) - that reminds me of a story i’d been told about a certain martial arts master who had their disciples slapped using a wooden stick every time they got distracted from their practice and failed to maintain the right posture (like, having to stand still on one foot for hours on end and stuff like that - physical and mental endurance practices). so in that sense a good master would always react when his disciples are slacking off or just being lazy and unmotivated. so i say “yes” to martial arts senseis' type of “violence” ^^)

so pellets is something like dung, right? we have a very peculiar word for that in bulgarian - it’s pronounced “barabonki”, or else “dardonki” - it’s a very funny-sounding dialect-word. hah, so no worries, i already have painted a quite fresh and pine-scented image of your whereabouts, even if it’s not an accurate one, but it’s making me feel pleased somehow, so i thank you for communicating your deer and dong issues with me, it makes me feel quite happy, honestly ^^ (i even was being curious about your age and stuff, for example (sorry if it bothers you, but i’m quite inclined to “spilling the beans” for, like, everything, because that makes life and things much more sincere to me, and i don’t mind people finding me somewhat (or rather really) “strange”. just so you’d know :)), but now it doesn’t even matter at all (haha, that somehow reminded me of this. i'm pretty much an associative thinker almost all of the time, so don't be all that much surprised :)), ‘cause i just imagine i’m conversing with an embodiment of a big pine forest, possibly situated near some cold water reservoir (source), and all of it surrounded by fresh and chilly air - and that makes me really joyous and pleased, so i thank you for letting my imagination grow on me and provide me with such fascinating experiences. forget “reality” - we’ve got imagination. (that’s sort of my life’s motto btw (especially alimented by watching anime and reading manga ^^) haha anyways ;))

okay, thanks for the info on voice acting movies. don’t worry if you can’t quite remember the titles - that was just a cheeky suggestion of mine - for you to tell me those, since i could well enough search google for “voice acting films” and will get results for sure, so it’s totally fine, no worries ;)) (oh man, look at what i'm experiencing at the moment - it's gorgeous! :)))

that reminds me of a thing i wanted to tell you that came to me after i’d posted my previous comment, but forgot to do so afterwards. so anyways, i saw you’re a fan of simon from durarara!!, and to tell you the truth this guy is one of my most loved characters, and particularly so because of his cool and funny voice actor takaya kuroda. the way simon advertises “russian sushi” on the streets in his bad japanese is soooo funny, i simply love it, and it made me enjoy this particular show a lot :))) love for simon brezhnev! ^^

hm, i haven’t yet seen all that much with romi park in - only mawaru penguindrum, in fact… but she seems nice :) oh, i’m really interested in fullmetal alchemist already haha i will watch it, yeah :)) oh, and minami takayama’s kiki from kiki’s delivery service ^^ how sweet. i haven’t seen (or should i say “heard”) her in anything else, though…

oh, be my guest - i adore that thing! (speaking about ping-pong) tsuritama, on the other hand, didn’t get me going, so i stalled it quite badly haha and the only really positive memory of the show that i have so far is of keito :) but i haven’t given up on it, it just wasn’t the right time, i suppose. oh, and about catching-up - tell me about it, i’m really slow at this at the moment, so i haven’t even finished lots of spring animes that i started watching, and i’ve only began two of the summer animes and seen about 1 episode of each of ‘em :D so, yeah, talking about slowpokes haha :D but for me there are other things i need to do right now, so that’s kinda moving slowly in the background :)) which is a shame on one hand, ‘cause anime keeps me hyped-up and positive, and in a good mood, but on the other i think my current state of affairs is good enough so i have no need to worry and complain. it’s summertime - i feel like i could do more than just stay in front of the screen. and, well, i do stay in front of it the same amount of time, but at least i’m doing something quite different, i’m generally enacting an anime dream that i’ve had for a while now, so it’s all cool. and change of pace is a good thing, so i approve of my current almost-no-anime-at-all state haha ;))

i think we might as well become more inclined to missing a whole lot more from the anime scene, than we are right now, you and me, and many other people i’m communicating with on here actually :) and that’s a good thing. like, probably we’ll be so soaked with anime spirit (to the bone), that we’ll simply live with that kind of imagination in our daily lives and help people around us feel amused and interested in our humour, views on life and way of expression, as the animes once inspired and warmed us from the inside :)) let’s hope for that, at least!

haha, your views on elfen leid seem pretty much like my own experience with violence, but i got interested nevertheless, ‘cause i’m harnessing an interest towards martial arts and what i like to call “controlled violence” (which is in fact “violence that one managed to overcome”), which includes partly ancient warriors like samurai, or the swordsmen depicted in zhang yimou’s movie ying xiong (i.e. hero). i totally respect that and i find this to be the path my soul feels inclined to follow (at least in spirit, although i’ve been involved in a bit of physical actions of this kind, and, boy, was it incredible - like the blood was boiling steadily in my body, so that i was just peaceful, but potent nevertheless - incredible, ahh :)) i’m a bit of a freak for those kinds of things. i haven’t still seen much of the things i like about ‘em on anime, though :)) and i’d very much like it for that to change some day). so in fact i’m pretty interested in “violence” in general. and what i saw in the elfen leid pictures reminded me a lot of old samurai movies i’m acquainted with (with heads being chopped off and rolling on the ground and stuff). oh, and at the moment i’m genuinely intrigued by the ritual of seppuku/harakiri - it’s so might and beautiful from what i understood of it. pure genius <3

i also love shizuo heiwajima’s character from durarara!!, speaking about violence and uncontrolled strength. he’s my most favourite character of the show (and among the best i’ve ever seen, and liked personally), so that’s why i kinda posted in my blog that i’m “obviously keen on supermen” haha ‘cause he really excited me - i can’t even put it into words.

i am also intrigued by guts from berserk in a way, but with him it’s more because of the inner struggles between good and evil inside of a person (and every one of us in that regard) - i am interested in that ‘cause i’ve been through it, or at least have experienced things like that personally and i have a deep compassion for people in such a state of mind, dunno why exactly (man, it sorta feels like a kind of blasphemy using this word, ‘cause it’s kinda precious in my perceptions, and i’m not sure if i can ever be called a “compassionate” person, ‘cause real compassion is the work of bodhisvathas, and buddhas/kami/gods in my opinion… but i mean no harm using it, i hope it’s not a really sinful thing to do - okay, this may sound weird to you, so i feel the urge to explain: i’m quite inclined to spirituality and religious practices, which are related to martial arts, and i’ve grown (and have well enough been taught) to have deep reverence for this kind of things so one could say i’m actually, erm.. how to put it? - spiritual, i presume? gah, it sounds so stupid and pompous. no, i won’t put it into words - it's just that i’m simply like that - revere those stuff - “spirituality”, traditional culture, martial arts and ancient “heroes”, to name a few things).

“i just wanted to jump through the screen & save the day... or something.  I felt sorry for the main characters.” oh, that’s so sweet (for me, that is) :)) psycho-pass is a thing i’ve been looking at too, but no, not the time for it for me yet… and maybe i’ll just get to drop it too, but i couldn’t tell right now :) i think all things have a “good time” to be manifested, or experienced. so that, for example, about a week ago was a perfect time for me to watch hara-kiri: death of a samurai, since it was just when i got into seppuku and stuff, but then i didn’t get to find a good torrent and things like that so the mood got spoiled and i haven’t seen it still, and i’m not even sure if i ever will in the near future, but shouganai :)) i tend to let go of things, 'cause moments pass by and things flow, much like a river, so in order for me to be "good" (i.e. feel good and do good), i simply need to follow that flow and all is great. being stuck-up and clingy, on the other hand, tends to ruin it all - the "balance", the "harmony" and stuff :)

“i loved how educational it was.  they need more anime like that.” nee, nee? :)) i think so too. and there are so many things that could be taught through anime/manga (and they are, here and there - like i was reading a manga once that was full of those historical facts and after a few chapters i felt like a smarter person. no, really haha it was nice, i tell you :)). i loved the way nano was depicted preparing umeboshi in nichijou - it’s the last setting you’d expect to find some practical skills being taught to you, but they were, and it was so cool, i loved that - every step of the process of preparing the plums and letting them ferment was depicted, and in a funny and pleasant way, so that one might as well attempt to follow those steps him/herself. and that’s awesome!

that’s what education should be like - that’s what teachers should be like (though it’s quite complicated, but i guess people could learn a lot from anime and become more like the thing itself, providing their students with an interesting perspective, humour and vigour in what they teach, so that students get hooked and simply find it fun to challenge themselves and explore their own creative potential, their full potential.) and there are quite a lot of  academic studies on how popular culture is related to literacies of different kinds - and now that is cool - so people actually are attempting to bring “popular culture into the classroom” (<-- that’s part of one of the titles on the subject i’m aware of, there surely are many more).

and lotsa practical skills and all sorts of things can be taught into people using the anime/manga medium. like, i was never ambitious as a student, because my environment wasn’t too demanding, so i gradually learnt to get through school the easy way around - without putting much effort in things, and that proved to be a bad way of dealing with life in general - for example it was quite rough for me at university from time to time, even though here even that aspect of education isn’t too demanding, but at least it’s more demanding than the previous stages of education, so that i actually learnt a few things during my higher education years, and i’m glad about that. but then, seeing tonari no kaibutsu-kun (and countless other animes, even dumb ones, mind you), i was so utterly impressed and liked shizuku’s diligence at school, that i wished i could live up to her in some sense - i mean, she was like a hero of mine, she (and this whole lot of other japanese anime students and other characters) showed me a simple and cool way of being “ambitious” - one that is as far from the “ego” as it can get, and nevertheless is a sort of “ambition”.

(i have a huge ego issue, as do all western societies nowadays (from what i've seen and know), since we’re not collectivistic societies, as is the japanese, for example (although we may have been in the past - as is the case with bulgaria, but that tradition is so lost that i can’t even begin to explain how sad that is in my eyes… but, well, nothing can be done ‘bout it now, unless adopting the old ways once more, so basically i’m the conservative traditional type - a little bit of tradition freak, but that’s that :P), but individualistic ones and that individualism is dangerously aiding people’s self-centerdness (okay, i know there isn’t such a word, but that’s what i actually mean - it obviously is a derivative of self-centered) and selfishness (both connected to the “ego”) to grow and reach unhealthy heights. so that’s a thing that i’ve experienced personally, turning into a selfish little bastard, so i very much despise that aspect of me and people in general and, as i said before, it’s an issue for me - and one i’m still very much “working on” (i.e. aiming to overcome) in my life…)

“educational anime list” - yay, thumbs up, man! i’d love seeing that. onegai, do make that :))

hahaha, bartender yeah - it’s on my list. kinda reminds me of ristorante paradiso for some reason (not sure why), and to tell the truth i had great expectation for that last one, and it proved to not live up to them, so i was a bit disappointed upon attempting to see it haha :) dunno. oh, and it reminds me of working!! too - have you seen that one? i just love those shows that depict people doing stuff like every single day - working as a mangaka, working as a waiter, chef, bartender, etc. it’s really cool and i respect that a lot - it’s taught me quite a bit of work-ethics as well - haha, don’t laugh - it has, really :)) and that’s a thing i love about anime to be honest :) so yeah, it’s cool.

but bartender might be better than i first presumed (linking it to ristorante paradiso), my hopes are up :)) oh, and that reminds me of hana-saku iroha which taught me to be more diligent and inclined to working (since i tend to be quite the lazy spoiled kid unfortunately…), and it inspired me to cook some japanese food for myself - and particularly (well, omurisu too, but no, i meant to point out) steamed spinach with a dressing of lemon juice, some kind of unrefined vegetable oil, and sesame seeds - haha, sorry for going all “recipe-style”, but it really did inspire me in that way and the dish was really tasty! it was like wow! :)) probably aided by my fascination with the anime as well - that was one of my very first shows, and it seemed to be quite appealing at that time ^^

“i just realized how that sounded. “ haha, well now, i'm not quite sure what you meant, ‘cause upon reading that it seemed to me bartender must be some kind of yaoi or something haha (sorry, i don’t mean to be offensive or something, it just really seemed to me like that :D) but if it’s just about drinking (then again, why should you be offended bu that? ;)) i mean, there's good yaoi, too. not that i've actually met many males who appreciate it, but still... what i menat by good was no. 6, if you're familiar with it? but even if you don't like that stuff it's fine - "to each his own", so diversity is cool), don’t worry - even if you were drinking, what of it, i mean… lotsa people do drink (not that i personally like that, but it’s true).

oh, and speaking about that, i was just thinking of making some sort of a list with characters who are big drinkers of beer - that is, mainly female such characters, like the misato from neon genesis evangelion, or the landlady from the recent nanana show :)) i kind of like this depiction, or at least it’s interesting to me, ‘cause it shows grown-up women and for grown-ups things in life often tend to get messier, as you probably know yourself… i mean, with many expectations from people and society of you, if you wish to be an otaku and a free spirit, you just are looked down upon and people regard to you as a “dropout” of a sort, “inadequate” and so on… NEETs fall in that category more or less too (to some extent at least).

haha, well, at least that’s what i’m sorta experiencing right now so probably that’s the reason i’m interested in it ^^ ‘cause it’s a depiction of an inner struggle of a person, who is unwilling of letting go of being childlike, but circumstances tend to pressure him to do so nevertheless :) well, there is another way of dealing with that as well, and i like to call it the more “spiritual” way, which is much more mature and cool - simply put to be like the “masters”, who are deep wells of still water, holding the potential power to destroy you (or help you, it don’t matter which one of those), but on the outside they are just still, calm, statue-like creatures with highly exquisite “presence”, movements and ways of dealing with things, or ways of speaking/acting and so on :)

and then there are those of ‘em who seem controversial, and bizarre, and are described by most people as eccentric. now those types of masters are the ones i truly respect and whose lead i tend to follow (or at least i wish i did :)) - like the buddshist monks ikkyu sojun (love that man!) and ryokan taigu. check them out, and their poetry/thoughts - they are truly awesome! do you, like, remember the master from the movie kill bill? (if you’ve seen the thing). he was ingeniously depicted - as a complete “nutcase”. well, as far as i’m concerned many great masters tend to enact such attitudes, and that’s something i deeply respect and regard as great, and awesome :)) (i hope i don’t sound like a laic, so that these people’s characters get undermined in some way).

hare’s ryokan’s death poem (death poems are an interesting thing in themselves, so be sure to check out more about them if it intrigues you - they’re great, and really do show their author’s concept of life and death :})

Now it reveals its hidden side

and now the other—thus it falls,

an autumn leaf.

now about ikkyu, where to even begin? he’s so cool. but, yeah, i guess this is what i think you oughtta firstly see about his opinions on things (in accordance with the masters' attributes i discussed here). cheers :))

wow, i love miso soup - that’s one of my most favourite condiments of all time. soybeans are just pure treasure, and the way japanese people have traditionally processed them is just as valuable as the thing itself - i so much revere craftsmanship - it’s totally ingenious! yeah… :)) haha, sorry for going mighty off topic… again.

haha, when you mentioned naruto it reminded me i recently understood naruto is the name of certain whirlpools somewhere in japan, and it also is the name of that type of fish-cake (a bit kamaboko-like), which is, well, like white and pink whirlpool in form ^^ haha funny, funny - i find such things very sweet and amusing, they make me giggle on the inside, almost like it tickles, it’s cute.

“i better stop or i'll be talking all day about food. “ haha - food is good. i like. :3 oh, and that reminds me that yesterday i made ramen for the first time, and it proved to be the most successful attempt of mine (of all other men i tried producing thus far), and today it tasted crazy-good, i mean it was very tasty! and i was wondering, is it supposed to be like crunchy to taste a bit? (like the japanese call it “chewy”.) it was somewhat firm in my opinion. nevertheless it was oiishi though. i mean could you please describe the way it (ramen) tastes to me, since i wonder if i’d done it in a good way, or not. since although i liked it it may as well not be right nevertheless :) it would be quite helpful if you have udon experience as well, so that you could share it with me. thanks! (i’m generally interested in the noodles’ texture at that point ^^). and nope, never ever had pho - only seen it in pictures :))  

“you should totally make ramen for other people. “ yay, that’s exactly what i wish for to happen ^^

“thanks for sharing the anime love. “ ohhh, that’s cute ^^ you’re very much welcome, mate - i hope it keeps on going like that haha ;)) see ya!

(oh, and look what i found in one of my playlist just now. hope you enjoy ^^)

krukky Aug 2, 2014

in order to apologize for being quite the dark character up to now, i would like to greet you with a couple of videos from a playlist i’ve named “beautiful” ^^

http://youtu.be/gSxzTNcVezU and http://youtu.be/-MmWeZHsQzs?t=4m9s hope you enjoy ^^

“i felt that the series was too short.” right, right? (<--- see this) :)) i’ve been reading the manga and i saw that it keeps going, whereas the anime had just one season and i started wondering why that is. i really want to see the rest made into an anime as well :)) yeah, i like kana hanazawa as well. there were some people mocking her on the forum last time i got in, and it annoyed me quite a bit so i just left the place. it’s so foolish to “hate”... well, anyways...

i now remembered another voice actress i respect a lot and like hearing her voice wherever - it’s ohana’s ‘baa-chan from hana-saku iroha - tamie kubota. she recently reappeared in the form of ruuko’s granny from selector infected wixoss and i instantly recognized her and developed a liking to the character herself, ‘cause she’s one nice grandma, you know ^^ (the anime is good too - i’m not really into card games and stuff, but this is intriguing, and it’s proving to be deeper than one would imagine. i like it a lot. still haven’t finished watching it, though ^^ i’m a bit “on hold” at the moment hee-hee ^^). i seem to like grannies characters quite a lot, ‘cause the one that impressed me the most in tsuritama (that anime about chaps fishing all the time ^^), for example, was the grandma - keito - yuki’s grandmother :)), voiced by fumi hirano whom i really respect too.

wow, those movies on voice actors sound really interesting - share your knowledge with me, please (on titles, let’s say) thanks :)) it’s cool you follow them voice actors. i like that too. and on kana-hana’s popularity - i enjoy that. i like recognizing her voice wherever, it’s cool, so i don’t mind (why should i? argh, stupid haters from the forum). hah, well you probably do have a good ear :)) and a one that can be even further developed and trained, so gambatte!, that’s cool stuff. i like saying that in life i may not have many other things (as in qualities), but at least i have “ears”, and that’s actually helping me a lot in an array of ways - for example i’ve always been good at learning languages, and singing (haha i was sait to be  “having an angelic voice” in kindergarten which makes me laugh a lot, but it’s true - i hear well, so that i can reproduce sound quite accurately too - nothing more that that though ;)), and being alert on the streets, and things like that. it's quite practical :) not to mention it allows you to develop a liking to some good quality music and voices, which is nice in it's own, 'cause you can share that with pople and they get pretty impressed and excited, so they're happy and that's cool ^^

oh, okay, i’ll pay special attention to that anime about nozaki-kun (once i get the chance to actually start watching it XD). and yep, mayaya was fun. i actually like this type of characters voices a lot too. like the risa koizumi from lovely complex (voiced by akemi okamura again ^^) - she was fuuun ^^ oh, and i also very much like it when female actresses voce male characters, like ryota in kyou no go no ni, voiced by the quite feminine and delicate woman yu kobayashi, whom i adore, and she was in maria holic too.

when you mentioned live action it reminded me of the ping-pong movie, have you seen that? it’s one of the most exciting and funny things i’ve ever seen and i had lots and lots of fun watching it one summer about two or three years ago. after that i read the manga and now i’m watching the anime. i like them all, equally actually, which is quite fascinating and i’m really pleased about that fact :3 but anyways, the movie is good, the soundtrack to it is good, and the voice acting in it is good too, so i recommend it strongly ;)))

oh my, now i’m totally fascinated - where exactly are you from, it sounds like a pretty cool place to me (i’m a rustic-traditional type of person to a very large extent, and that is a lot more than i’m a city kid, although that’s where i was born. i have a bit of a history with my grandparents’ (and my mother’s for the matter) village where i practically grew up - in the beginning spending extensive periods of time there throughout the whole year, and then as i got older spending the whole of summer holiday there along with my sister and two cousins. my grandma used to be a kindergarten director (and teacher) so she managed the four of us quite well - a nice woman she is and i really love and respect her - more so than my own mother, which is probably bad for me to say, but unfortunately it’s true :))

oh, i know gin no saji well enough ;)) i started watching it back when they aired it, but i’ve stalled ‘cause i had other stuff on my plate then. it’s interesting to me, though, as is moyashimon (if you’re familiar with the title) - it’s about an university student who can see bacteria and microbes, so he’s cool in doing research, and the whole anime revolves around exploration of different fermentation processes used throughout the history of humankind - from sake production to seal meat fermentation and so on. they are similar to me, because they deal with agriculture/craftsmanship, and i find those to be quite related. and both are about universities, too… haha, you got me interested in gin no saji again, since i don’t actually know what you refer to, but i assume he has to, like, slaughter the animals or something, if it’s related in some sense to farm to fridge…? ;)

wow, this blood type - C - is not my blood type at all haha (btw i really enjoy how in many manga and anime (like, say, ping-pong) the authors introduce their characters by name, age and things like blood type - it’s really funny ^^ i’ve been into the blood-type diet (i.e. way of eating, not method for losing weight, ‘cause around here that’s what actually people mean when referring to “diet”), so it’s even funnier to me knowing the food preferences each character should have according to that ^^ and, by the way, i mostly really am an A-type, since i mostly enjoy vegetable proteins (well, not only, but mostly) and fish, and, like, i don’t like peppers at all and according to the blood type diet charts peppers, and meats, are actually “hard to digest” for blood type A ^^ it’s a nice system, i still like it a lot, although i’m not following it as strictly as i used to, but am into different types of dieting now :} ← that’s my “bittersweet” face :)) but nevermind that.)

oh, and i’m sure you’ll enjoy nichijou, since you liked silver spoon too… tabun? haha :P no, i think you’ll be fine with it ;) and if you do like it, you may as well try non non biyori too - it’s about those countryside schoolkids and their daily lives - it’s really amusing, funny and light-hearted, and if you like hakase from nichijou, i bet you’re gonna love ren-chon from non non biyori as well :3 (like myself - they’re both depicted in my A-P profile, ‘cause i “look up to them” in a sense - meaning that i just like their absurdity & craziness that are actually very much close to genius :3). in its recommendations first of all they point out elfen leid, which is a thing an acquaintance of mine recommended to me yesterday, i think… and i’m willing to see it, so maybe next off i’ll try blood c as well haha, though for now i’ll refrain from adding it to my list ;))

oh, i wasn’t acquainted with that CLAMP person, but i see now that he’s the author of xxxHolic, which i’ve started watching and i enjoy it - it had this great scene with a mobile oden stand/shop, held by two foxes (i liked that, ‘cause i’m pretty much into japanese soups and japanese men (i.e. noodles), so that’s a particularly interesting thing to me, as well as street food throughout japan, and asia. it’s fascinating and the people that do that for a living are really skillful most of the time, which i deeply respect and admire. if you haven’t yet seen videos on noodle-making, try searching youtube for “hand-pulled noodles” - a chinese technique for noodle-making; the japanese soba, udon, or ramen are quite interesting to make too, and a lot of skill is required (trust me, i’m speaking out of experience, since at the moment i’m attempting to learn making those, and … well, let’s just say it will take some time, and probably i will have to modify the noodles a lot more than i originally expected and hoped, since the ingredients are quite different here (the sorts of grains from which different flours are made, for example) so that even if i do find buckwheat flower around here, it actually won’t be soba (japanese buckwheat), but a different one, so that i won’t be able to make soba with ratio 8:2 buckwheat to wheat flour… i’ve already tried, so i know :)). there was one very funny video on youtube for ramen-making (try kyo-ei tokyo ramen) which included using a bamboo poll to spread the huuuge piece of dough and the guy that was doing it (i would like to note that japanese noodles and soups are actually usually produced by men, and not women - so that this really is an actual craft, which makes it the more attractive for me, i believe) was really “showing-off” a bit so it was a funny video, but nevertheless he had some skill… you just have to see how some of those people cut the noodles - it’s crazy/awesome, and it’s not only that they have unbelievable blades (i.e. knives), but they’ve done it hundreds of times, so they’re just on the way to becoming masters at it. it’s really cool (from my perspective) :))

okay. that's about it for today. i'd only like to share with you what seems to be my summer playlist which contains simply kygo remixes, and kygo (a 22-year-old norwegian dude) proved to be a really laidback and nice soundmaker, so that this "i see fire" remix, let's say, has this cool and really melodic vibe to it. dunno about you, but i fancy ;))  cheers!