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I was born in 1994 and am currently doing my PhD.

This profile is to help you make up your mind if you care for my list, my reviews, or whatever else there may be.

I'm learning japanese (the reason NOT being anime). English isn't my primary language either, but I'm doing my best in all comments or reviews.

My favourites in no particular order and each for different reasons are currently:

I watch two kinds of anime: serious/interesting as well as cheesy romance-nonsence. (Don't ask why) In my reviews I will make it clear which of the two I consider an anime to be. In my list I tend to rate the cheesy romance-nonsence almost as high as the serious/interesting anime, although I clearly prefer the latter cathegory. (Thus not all of my raitings are directly comparable.)

I started watching anime really late and by mere chance: I was visiting a friend. His son was watching "Avatar the Last Airbender" (don't care one bit if you think that's anime), which I caught a glimpse of and really liked although (or rather because) I clearly wasn't the target demographic. After watching the whole thing I started looking for more.

I still consider books and cinematographic works superior to anime in general (of course not necessarily in all particulars). Also I don't read manga.

I listen to a lot of music. (my favourite album is "A Love Supreme" by J. Coltrane ) As background music in anime, however, I tend to like anything that's not generic pseudo-romantic piano-strings stuff...

I hope this contained the information you were looking for.

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Qplayer Mar 19, 2014

Thanks for the long and thoughtful reply on my review. I'll try to address your points.

Ultimately, there are certain things about any movie or show that can be insurmountable barriers to enjoyment. For example, when watching Mawaru Penguindrum, I absolutely hated the character of Ringo. I generally hate the obsessive stalker type of character and could not stand when she was on screen (aside: this is why I hated Nadeko at first, but the way she was presented in the second season completely changed my mind, also my tastes have probably changed a little to tolerate that type of character more). I completely understand and respect that you don't like Araragi since you view him as a pedophile and don't like the show's portrayal of sexuality.

However, in my view, this wasn't as big of an issue (obviously, I gave the show a glowing review :P). I don't dislike ecchi/pornography simply because of the sexual content. I dislike it because it is usually a vapid story that degrades human character. The Monogatari franchise doesn't simply use sexuality as fanservice (although that's definitely one of its motives). It uses those scenes to explore the depths of the character, putting them in extreme situations and having them react. How the characters react is what defined them (Araragi and Karen vs. Araragi and Hachikuji for example).

I also thought that while the Monogatari series definitely fiddled with some serious lines that shouldn't be crossed, I don't believe they ever crossed them. Araragi's most controversial relationship is probably with Hachikuji, but I don't think they ever crossed the line with that. I think Araragi knew it was really just a game the whole time, and how the arc ended supports that their relationship, albeit on the surface to be objectionable, was really platonic.

Finally, the review of the second season was really only about the second season. It doesn't really cover the other seasons or OVAs (i.e. the toothbrush episode would have brought the score down). I thought the second season actually toned down a lot of the ecchi themes from the earlier seasons, bringing the franchise to a higher level of maturity.

I hope this answers your question :)

xCanaxCherry Feb 13, 2014

Um yes? You showed up in the random user thingy.

xCanaxCherry Feb 12, 2014

W-well, you've watched a lot of the same anime I've watched ^^'

xCanaxCherry Feb 12, 2014

You have quite a nice anime list ^_^

TheAngelofDeath Feb 12, 2014

I appricate your straightforwardness makes it easier to understand where I went wrong. even though it did hurt a little :( I revised the review if your bored you can go look at it again.

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