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[Dropped at Chapter 27]

An extremely annoying manhwa.

  • The start is super slow - takes about 12 chapters before we see any real action
  • MC is OP, but just faffs around wasting time, instead of immediately taking revenge on the queen who killed his mother. Sure, he was recovering strength initially, but even after he gets strong, he does nothing. With his stealth skills, he could've easily assasinated the queen and the prince who tried to kill him.
  • He constantly wears this smug look on his face, which gets really annoying to look at after a while
  • Annoying constant flashbacks to his time in the dream world (hall of heros), where MC recalls dumb stories about the gods/heros you couldn't care less about
  • The constant bickering between the twins gets real old
  • And if all that's not enough, MC ends up being tied to a miniature "dark lord" (which should've been translated as "demon lord") and all of a sudden there's a "system" screen out-of-the-blue, as late as Ch. 27, WTF?!

So... yeah. This is a pretty dumb manhwa with annoying characters all around. Don't bother reading this trash.

5/10 story
5/10 art
2/10 characters
3/10 overall
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