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[Reviewed at chapter 22]


This is your typical OP MC-Isekai-Fantasy-Revenge fare, so nothing special. Its not the worst story ever, but it's below average, yet still somewhat palatable. It wasn't bad enough for me to drop the manga at least - after going thru 20+ chapters I'm now invested and want to see how it turns out.


Wow, what can I say. The character design is *bad*. The mangaka has no clue how to draw human (anime) faces, and is especially bad at drawing female faces - to the point that they're downright ugly. That said, everything else is fine, the panels are well detailed, the background and other objects are shaded well so you're not staring at bright white panels with stick figures (unlike some manga), so clearly you can see the mangaka putting some effort into the artwork. It's a pity though they haven't figured out how to do faces.


They're OK, nothing special. We have a stereotypical bad guy, the meek damsel-in-distress, OP MC who's not a total wimp and has a broody disposition.. the usual cliché stuff. That said, MC isn't a total idiot, isn't super OP and is tolerable.


Overall, its worth a read only if you're scraping at the bottom of the Isekai barrel and have run out of stuff to read. It's not a particularly memorable Isekai manga, but it's not the worst I've read either. My score would've definitely been a bit higher (probably 5/10), if the artwork was a bit better.


3/10 story
4/10 art
4/10 characters
3.5/10 overall
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