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Dec 17, 2017

Lookism is an anime which pulls out the dirty truth about discrimination in our society, where we view people based upon first look and assign them a certain status. If you're attractive, you're successful and an asshole; and if you're fat, you're a loser and a kindhearted, good person...

...wait what?

I see all of these review praising Lookism for how it breaks down the sociobarrier of discrimination and underlines a TRUTH in bullying present in our schooling system. How is the bullying in this manwha in any way relevant to real life? The bullying presented here is of constant extent, having never cops involved, parents or teachers in sight (despite it taking place in a school) yet fights break out every 5 seconds and gangs relentlessly whailing the crap out of each other.

Story (4/10):

We meet our main character Hyung Suk whose life is turned around as he is given the opportunity to switch bodies with an alternative, healthy and attractive body. He realizes through this newly found body how society truly torments him. How people are two-faced as they are in the real life. This is reality. It is truth, and I cannot deny it. However, this manwha takes abuse to an all new level. In the school society, fights break out every day; at every new interval. People can't come to a fine understanding and resolve it with their fists. Supposedly, this school that the manwha is covering is a decent, private highschool, so fights of this nature and scale should be nigh inexistent. However, it's not ONLY the fights. We see children being bullied to the extent of having pens drilled into their skin or forced into pubic humiliation. Do you really think society would let that go? For people to let this story carry on is just sad, it's obvious the author is reaching into his pockets in desparity because he has already used the same gag 10 times within 30 episodes and needs fresh content. "Let me add a fight scene here where the two characters fighting have a complete misunderstanding of each other" seems to cross the authors mind every 5 seconds...As someone who was subject to minor bullying from my middle school and high school, seeing an anime mistreat the topic of bullying in such a manner is disrespectful. I want this problem resolved, I don't want people feeling sorry and empathetic towards me because they think that 'this' type of trash happens on a regular basis.

Characters (2/10):

To be completely honest, I wanted to give this a 0/10 but I'll let it slide because at least they are colored. Let's see...where do I begin (I will cover the ones specifically that I have seen)

Park Hyung Suk (Daniel): Our main character, who is a cry baby and seems to be as blind as a bat when it comes to deciphering information or interpreting what is going on around him. He is granted a celebrity supermodel image one day (somehow) and now is HOT as a whistle! Despite never having to train this body or work out, it stays perfectly sexy! (don't ask me how, I don't know)

Hong Jae Yeol (Jae): My favorite character. He doesn't talk at all and is richer than Bill Gates. He honestly is just here in the story to give Park expensive things for free and then vanish, only to be slapped in once more for a random ParkxJae gag.

Lee Jin Sung (Jin Sung): The first person to pick a fight with Park. Spoiler Alert! He loses. (somehow getting relentlessly whailed on for 3 years allows you to compete on the national level boxing). He then becomes buddy-buddy with Park and stops fighting to appease Kim Mi Jin despite being riled up every episode for not fighting. sigh..

Kim Mi Jin (Mirai): Lee Jin Sung's 'love interest' who constantly is against fighting despite being picked on and harrassed by bullies...and even tells Lee Jin Sung to stop fighting WHILE he's being beaten the shit out of. I'm sorry hun, you're stupid.

Lee Eun Tae (Vasco): Someone who once got relentlessly bullied like Park who decided to train to fight back. Now he absolutely hates every handsome person and thinks they are evil taken straight from text. (I think the author specifically has a vendetta against handsome people).

In regards to Choi Soo Junh and Lee Tae Sung, I did not address them just because that would make this review longer and I doubt anyone is still reading at this point.

Art (9/10):

Really the only redeeming quality about this work. It's decently drawn. So if you have extra time you feel like throwing into the abyss, I guess give it a try. If you like watching fight scenes between a wuss who cries as he misinterprets what is going on then somehow ends up knocking out a 3-time WWE world championship wrestler with one punch go ahead...

but the only 'art' you'll really see is fighting.

Overall (4/10):

The author deleted my previous 3 reviews, all being decently analytical. I do not know why he felt the need to delete them as some of them were actually nice reviews granted this absolutely abismal manwha. If it were a manga, its only saving grace would be from reviewers who were only looking at it for its bullying extent and not the full picture.

4/10 story
9/10 art
2/10 characters
4/10 overall

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AMitch Aug 1, 2021

Lookism is not an anime......

Gaeul Mar 23, 2021

There were some fat guys that were not kindheart. And not all the handsome/pretty people were bad guys and some shows that after all they were good people.

Maybe u stopped at chapter 10 or something...

undiagnosedheart Jul 9, 2020

"Lookism is an anime which..." isn't an anime. Every good looking character is successful and an asshole? Literally most of the good looking characters come from really shitty backgrounds and a lot of them are really nice people (like vasco.) As for your other complaints, did you give up reading past chapter 30?

At the end of the day this is your own opinion which you're entitled to I suppose, but at least put more thought into your own words before you call Lookism an abysmal manhwa and say you're being decently analytical.

Also (4+9+2)/3 is 5. Not sure why your overall score is 4.

keithashiyami May 17, 2020

I honestly couldn't get past the first few chapters because the bullying is so intense. Even if a lot of other people praised it for the message it wants to convey, reading this manhwa hurt me too much.

soakedwater Jul 12, 2018

this comic is NOT to represent the society around the world, it represents the bad part of society in KOREA (i think lol don't kill me)

it also shows how bad looking people get treated bad and the good looking not simply because of looks, but obviously, there's good looking people and are also kind hearted.

zack(jin sung)- bad guys rile him up, that's why he's like that, otherwise he's a pretty nice character since he changed.

daniel(hyung suk)- he's meant to represent the two types of people and how they get treated, the good looking and strong people and the fat, short weak people, though the author did exaggerate in the "strong" part lmao

jay(jae yeol)- i think he's gay, he gives a lot of things to daniel, and he blushes and he had  a fear of dogs, yet he adopted daniel's pups, so i think the most reasonable answer is that he's gay, but he can't say that simply because it's bad being gay in korea(not illegal, but bad), that's also why park x jay ship appeared i think

mira(mi jin)- i kinda agree w/ u tbh

vasco- he misunderstood, that's what happened, he siimply misunderstood, he thought daniel was bullying jiho and duke when he wasn't, misunderstandings always happened but then he heard jiho and duke say that daniel was nice and all, so he regretted being like that.

^^^^^^^^ all of this might be wrong, but it's just what i think this manhwa is meant to represent