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Soyaaaa Oct 20, 2020

I love her design at least, but god she is so dumb, she based love on Light just on his looks and because his way of justice, even tho what he does is morally wrong... There was many times where she could have ruined everything because she is so stupid, if it wasn't for her anime wouldn't have the ending it had. But she is adorable I give her that hehe

ErehIyegah Oct 18, 2020

Err so about your comment on my profile, I'm just wondering how you think Mikasa is not a bland character? It's clear as water she is bland and boring. Yeah, yeah, she's "badass" but what else? What's her personality? Any depth in her character? I'm just saying,, Mikasa is a horribly written character. Set aside being a simp, what else is her purpose? I'm still willing to give her character a chance if she actually has a development this final arc. The first comment in my profile made much more sense than you did because you just commented with hatred of my opinion err, that's clown like.

Feolis Oct 13, 2020

Sakura? She's like the most hated anime character, she represents what is wrong with the society and she's the perfect copy carbon of Amy Rose but less furry.

To be honest I've been tired of the incoherences plot-holes of Shippuden after Itachi's death, so I've given up on this one.

Nalla82 Oct 7, 2020

Who's Rem, i forget, it's a been a while since I've seen the anime