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issi Oct 13, 2014

Hehe no worries. That happens to me all the freakin time ^^

CHECK YOUR MAIL!!! I know I'm late, but I finally sent you something!

issi Sep 16, 2014

Yeah, what happened to our mails? They suddenly... stopped coming...

Wow, lots of awesome purchases! An 8 string seems like a challenge!^^

!! I didn't know you gamed! What games are you running right now?

I do have skype, but I'm hardly ever on it, mainly because my toaster of a computer can't support it for more than, idk 10 minutes. My laptop's in repairs and should be back on a week or so tho. We can skype then!

We can totally mail each other on the meanwhile!

issi Sep 14, 2014

Cronus? *Cleans dust off the comment box* It's youu!! It sure has been long!!

How've you been?! 

Esper26 Aug 17, 2014

School, garage, or professional?