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Freezing Vibration

Jan 29, 2016

Freezing Vibration pretty much picks up where season 1 left off. And I was looking forward to this one because of how intense the first season was. The premise is 5 of the girls from last season head to Alaska to study the E-Pandora. So, naturally I was expecting another season with great storytelling and some good old action.

However it did not live up to expectations. Most of the storytelling is limp, with the three arcs pretty much shoved in against each other, like an impact wisdom tooth. The first arc is the E-Pandora arc, which had really nothing wrong with it. Amelia had a solid backstory and the premise was pretty promising, but then things went downhill once the Siblings arc came into play. It was arguably the biggest offender as it felt so forced in that it was almost filler. This arc was dull, bland and did little to impact the story unlike it's manga counterpart. It fell apart in seconds and got worse as it went on. Then came the third arc, which was the 11th Nova Clash which if you haven't stopped watching already will be a big letdown. It's flimsy and it's predictable. Oh and it lasts 5 episodes, making it so padded out that you'll be wishing that Kazuya's fear of Satellizer being decapitated actually came true. It tries to make you give a shit about Amelia, but she does less rebelling and more moping. The rest of the cast don't help either, each one is placed in some stiff battle with more talking than actual fighting (seriously it's like 90% taunting and 10% actual action).

So unless you're a die hard Freezing fan, I really wouldn't recommend this to anyone. As much as I liked season 1 (as silly as it was) I didn't like this season. 

Final Rating - 2 out of 5


*Good Animation

*Amelia's Character Development


*Poor Execution

*Stretches itself thin at the end

*Mawkish moments (and a lot of them)

*Useless, unneeded characters

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
4.6/10 overall

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