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Violet Evergarden

Aug 10, 2019

I'll start off by saying this; when I first began to watch this anime, I was expecting myself to drop out after a couple of episodes. And although I stayed hooked on throughout most of the show, I did realize some things that could have been better. 

Starting with the story, it was pretty simple; A girl tore up from war only able to follow orders, having almost no emotions herself. She goes around helping others and recognizing parts of her past and understanding what happened. The first few episodes have a solid plot, but after that, it turned into her simply going to a different person each time to assist them for their own personal and emotional needs. It started to get repetitive and bland, but what kept me watching was her still-unknown background. I feel they could have transformed this plot into something amazing, but instead kept in easy and simple. 

Knowing KyoAni, I had high expectations for the animation and quality of this series. Let me say, they did not disappoint me, and if anything it was impressive. The animations were beautifully done like always, and the colors were bright and vivid in certain scenes, and dark in others to match the mood. The animation was clear and movements in characters were precise. It was astounding to watch Violet's hands at work. 

The opening and ending songs suited the theme well, and each background OST was soothing to the ear. The voice actors' all had enthusiasm and tone that fit the character they were given to play and the sound effects were satisfying. You would be able to figure out the story and scene from just the sounds being produced. 

Violet had a very distinctive personality compared to everyone around her, and it was easy to distinguish her from others. Violet was quite a strong character, but the rest of the characters were all similar and it felt like it was just the same person in different bodies. 

Overall, I would suggest this anime to anyone who would like an easy-going and sad plot. The subjects can become very heartfelt and deep, and the character development and animations are beautiful. Season two or movie should soon be announced, and I will approach it with high expectations. 

6/10 story
10/10 animation
8/10 sound
5/10 characters
7/10 overall
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