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hi i'm cosmia! i lurk here and there, but mostly?

am piling husbandos into lists ( ͡o ω ͡o )

personal rating system! [details here]
1-1.5☆ no thx || 2-2.5☆ it's ok || 3-3.5☆ it's pretty good!

4-4.5☆ that's really good!! || 5☆ I LOVED IT!!!

currently watching || want to watch ||  seasonal stuff i miiiight watch

bops that live in my head rent free

i adore them ❤ || i adore these lads too but not as much as the others

☆.。.:* My top three bois! .。.:*


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I adore these characters


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OkamiHime95 Jun 29, 2022

Hello! :D 

Tbh, I've been meaning to reach out to you as well, to see how you were doing and stuff, but I've been very busy the past couple of months, and well, I feel ya on the social anxiety part lol. (It's not that I don't want to talk to friends, including you, but I just suck with "small talk", and trying to come up with conversation starters/topics. >_<; Then there is the whole "Am I gonna bother or bore this person if I start rambling about interests?" and stuff like that lol..)

Well, I wish I could say this week has been great for me, but for the most part no... Most of which is kinda personal, but a few things are that I've been dealing with an imminent death in the family. (He hasn't died yet, but long story short it sounds like it will be soon... Idk the whole story, except he's elderly and has been having issues for a few years now.)

Next month (July 4th, to be specific) will be the 4th anniversary of my mom's heart attack, so July will be a hard month for me. (She's fine because we caught it in time, but the event was just so traumatizing.)

Anyway, sorry to sound gloomy. On the bright side, I've been finding new music to listen to (mostly Plastic Trees, which is a Japanese band xD ), and I found a Youtube channel to help with my Japanese language studies. :3

Soooo, how fares? Hope you've been doing alright yourself. Watching or reading anything interesting?

PS: Totally random, but have you watched Tokyo Revengers yet? I've been obsessed with it lately, myself. XD Haven't read the manga yet though, cuz I'm waiting for the omnibus to release here in America.

sothis Nov 3, 2021

Hello! I see you've marked Genshin Impact characters in your loves/hates - are you a fellow player? If so, do come check out our Anime-Planet official Discord server, as we've had a discussion channel for the game since it launched, and a bunch of us (including me and quite a few of the database moderators) chat in there regularly about it. We also do group wishing sessions when new banners drop, talk about events, good builds, etc. 

The server also has anime/manga/webtoon discussion channels, general off topic and gaming convos, etc. Hope to see you in there sometime :)

Rohjake Sep 30, 2021

Hello and thanks for the question. It's from Pop Team Epic, a hamster that appears only in one segment in the final episode.

OkamiHime95 Jul 7, 2021

Yep. If you're interested, they're Scarlet Nexus, and Ore, Tsushima! :)

Ha, true. xD

Thanks! It was really good to hear from you again as well! ^_^ I'm on A-P almost every day, so feel free to chat again anytime.

OkamiHime95 Jul 5, 2021

Well, I'm limited in what I can watch anime on, so unless they're on Youtube, Pluto, Tubi, Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, or here on A-P, I can't watch them; Luckily though, a couple of the things I'm interested in this season are on Youtube. xD I like it, other than having to wait a week or so for new episodes lol. Not a big bother to me, but I just need to get used to it again. (I say "again" because I used to watch anime on Toonami quite regularly as a kid, and I can remember waiting every week for new episodes.)

You're welcome. :) 

Ah, ok. ^^
Yeah, though I have to say certain plot points were confusing until later episodes. ^^;
I gave it a 3.5/5 star rating, which for me means "pretty good." I don't see myself rewatching it a bunch of times, but I enjoyed it for what it was, and I'm glad that I finally got to watch it completely. :) I watched it as a teen, but I only got to a few episodes back then. So yeah, in short, I'd recommend it. ^^