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Hi, I review things... Pretty epic, right? 

Chronic reader of BL to feed my epic quadruple L--lonely loveless loser life... Picky though so I will never read omegaverse, Jinx, Under the Green Light or Low Tide in Twilight. Might read Shutline, but the ML's haircut has me rolling 😭

Occasional reader of comedic action-adventure stuff

Just so you know... I hate MBTI (typology is my special interest). I'll tell you my type anyways. I'm an INTP (it feels disgusting to say that), and also for you enneagram-knowers, a social 5. My full typing would be IT(N) Lii-Ne-C so584 VLEF sang-chol... Some other interests I have are bands and DIY! I'm a sucker for rock bands like My Chemical Romance, Motley Crue, etc. (more pop punk & 80s glam metal schtuff) but nothing has me in more of a chokehold than midwest emo like Cursive, Sunny Day Real Estate and Title Fight..

I play games sometimes. Wuthering Waves, Honkai: Star Rail, Project Sekai, and... Red Dead Redemption 2. What an odd one out...


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