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Hello. My name is James. You can call me "Comment Spaepanion" as well.

Characters in the banner from left to right: Sonia Nevermind, Peko Pekoyama, Chiaki Nanami, Mahiru Koizumi, Ibuki Mioda, Hiyoko Saionji. The banner is not visually altered.

I am only present here because I decided on a route of ridiculousness. It's almost painful for a route, but it's the only route from this remnant of time directly - Japanese scavenging even if it taints the "reputation" I have in the outside world.

Word of advice directly from me for the rest of you - Leave me alone, in my area, with my own thoughts. I am independently trying to improve in a "black and white" manner here by having other people isolate me for a grotesque task.

Now for a basic music opinionation summarization. Here is a song from 1990 called Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode:

Professed now is a song, of an iconic game released in 2011, with a strong flow and capability of being used in a satirical manner. C418 is wavering between being proud about that and not: 

To conclude with the number 3, this is the presentation of a song from an actual anime. Considering the 2 songs above, claiming what this one shall be has an average possibility of being righteous:

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What?! No anime ratings?

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I adore these characters


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