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Mar 4, 2021

Ajin. The award winning and critically acclaimed action manga, known best for its unusually striking premise as well as its amazing writing. After hearing tons of people gush over this particular story I decided I needed to check it out for myself. Just to see if it really deserved the hype it was getting. I didn’t have much expectations for it after the first chapter but after reading the second one I realized how wrong I really was. Ajin is a certified page turner, one that is so strong that the act of page turning is almost compulsory. With compelling action, conflicting themes, well developed characters, beautifully drawn panels, shocking plot twists, and amazing worldbuilding you will get sucked into the world of demi humans in no time. Our story starts off with the introduction of the main character Kei Nagai, a highschooler blessed with above average intellect living a seemingly normal life as a teenager. He and the rest of the population bear with the existence of the rare phenomena of demi humans. Rare, but not too rare, demi humans are humans that are gifted with immortality. On one fateful day Nagai gets into an accident, he is run over by a truck instantly killing him. But there he is standing up straight and alive, with the heart sinking realization that he is one of the beings he looked down on. A demi human. The government being half scared of what demi humans can do and half interested in the possibilities they can bring forth to benefit the country, hunt down demi humans to put them into captivity. Most of the population agree that demi humans aren’t even humans, more like rabid wild animals in need of an iron collar. We follow Nagai in his thrilling escape from the people hurting him and desperate seek for asylum as one of the world’s most feared and hated beings, a demi human. From there it goes from zero to one hundred. It was constantly exciting seeing the twists and turns the story takes. There won’t be a moment when you aren’t shocked from the brilliant writing of Gamon Sakurai. Or be shocked from the psychotic events that unfold. Not shying away from blood, mutilation, torture, or gore Ajin is thrillingly dark. Since this manga mixes the supernatural and action, it's only right that this story would be excitingly gritty. And this is what this tale excels at, being exciting. The action and mass carnage is the highlight of this manga, there were so many moments where I got excited because it just looked so badass. This is mostly to do with the show stopping art. The panels were detailed with a certain meticulousness, resulting in beautifully drawn panels adorning every other page. You could feel the tone in each scene, whether it was something sinister, frustrating, anxiety inducing, or sad the art molded it into that way. The art also molded the action, pulling out its full and true potential making Ajin positively exhilarating. To the point where I felt like I was sucked in. Every chapter was phenomenal, the combat, the characters, the plot twists; it felt like I was watching one long amazing movie. It reminded me of Akira a little bit, the whole constant action going on until you get to the big climax. I really enjoyed Akira so to have a shorter version like this made me really love it. I binged it in a day because it was so captivating. I can’t forget about the amazing characters either. This is one of the few mangas that I can truly say almost every character had dimension, depth, and likability. Hell, even the villains which were terrible people had me hooked on their character. The redemption events in the story for these villains really pulled the heartstrings on me, so even with all their destruction I still ended up caving in and liking them a little bit more. I mean sure it was kinda cliche but the execution was really amazing, I’m not gonna go into full detail because of spoilers but both of them ended up doing something good. The redemption arcs weren’t just the only thing that was executed brilliantly. The development and depth that was present in the characters were stunning. Each character that was introduced to us at first seemed a little static because of the lack of background information on them. But as you read along it slowly let’s out key information needed to develop their characters while maintaining perfect pacing. Not once did I feel a background was dropped or rushed as a lazy attempt to give a character depth. Every character that was introduced into the story had a part and their own dimension. No character was just introduced as a plot device and left behind, this happens a lot in other manga I have read so to see this one actually build up and use each character that was introduced was astounding. And just the whole premise of the main characters being immortal is so intriguing. Immortality used in any story has always piqued my interest because of the plethora of ways you can use it. Ajin draws out all that capability. Since most of the main cast can’t die you can have tons of fun with the way you present the story to the audience. Trust me, there are so many things that arise in this manga that are so creative and gripping from this. Like the characters kill themselves constantly and in the most badass as ways. The action and gore is also raised up a notch because of this, making way for constant electrifying bloodbaths. To top this we have crazy plot twists. Not in a too crazy way, the plot twists were curated in a manner that made sense without lacking the shock factor. The foreshadowing behind these was never laid on too thick or too thin either. With this, every chapter was a thrill to read and had me constantly gawking at how much I enjoyed seeing shit go down. Honestly I was shocked at how good Ajin kept getting. Overall this manga deserves all the praise and gushing it gets. I realize now why so many people like this story. Ajin is a top tier action manga. I seriously recommend it.

9/10 story
8.7/10 art
8.8/10 characters
9/10 overall
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